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Probably the most depressing thing about the Lakers unveiling their new “Hollywood Nights” black jerseys that are really just a slightly modified on-court version of a Nike faux retro dealie from a few years back, is that seeing this actually enables me, a 29-year-old virile man, to legitimately pull off the whole “In my day” thing. Because seriously, in my day, the Lakers only had two jerseys: purple and gold. There weren’t all these silly white Sunday jerseys or jerseys with sleeves or jerseys with sleeves AND Noche Latina word marks, and there certainly weren’t black alternate jerseys. I mean, the Lakers went from 1966 to 2001 without regularly wearing anything that wasn’t actually their colors, but now they’re just a regular jersey factory like any other team.

And if I really wanted to sell this curmudgeonly old man bit, I’d definitely mention that in my day the Lakers never begged a free agent to stay, then failed, and never ever unveiled a jersey on Instagram. I have the requisite grey hairs to pull this off, so don’t test me.


By now, you probably know that the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the most storied and successful of all the NBA franchises, are going to be going YMCA mode by wearing short-sleeved jerseys for a number of games this season. And while I’m already on record as hating the idea of turning one of the league’s best looks (the gold home uniforms) — which have already been messed with once, with the creation of a white alternate that is nice but not a classic like the gold — in to a short-sleeved white t-shirt that will occasionally say “Los Lakers,” even that news is less distressing than this tidbit that Dave McMenamin dropped in to his ESPN report on the Lakers’ sleevers:

According to a league source, adidas has mocked up short-sleeve alternative jerseys for all 10 teams playing on Christmas Day.

All it takes is a quick pop over to to figure these teams out — this Christmas, we’ve got games between the Bulls and Nets, Thunder and Knicks, Heat and Lakers, Rockets and Spurs, and Clippers and Warriors. If you were trying to sell short-sleeved jerseys, putting them on every single one of this season’s most important teams during one of the league’s major events seems like a sound strategy. And considering that the Warriors and Lakers are already confirmed to be wearing the sleevers and considering that Dwight Howard is always partial to a shirt that will showcase his guns and considering that the league has pulled a day-long uniform overhaul as recently as last year, it’s pretty easy to imagine a world where you open up Christmas presents with your family, then turn on the games only to hear your uncle say, “Is everybody wearing t-shirts?” Yes Scott, they are.

Of course, just because these mockups exist, that doesn’t mean that every team is going to go through with wearing them. Though, given the facts laid out before us, I think we can all agree it wouldn’t be that surprising for such a thing to happen. So start getting ready now, just so you can be prepared for a day full of awesome basketball games played in jerseys you wish the teams weren’t wearing. This will take some getting used to. Good thing we have four months.



Have you ever wanted to see a woman dressed like the NBA’s most No. 1 fan? I know it’s a weird question, but considering the following news, it’s certainly pertinent (certinent). For here is the news, courtesy of, your home for all the best professional basketball news:

Now, he’s turning that unparalleled passion into a business. That’s right, James Goldstein is launching a womenswear line. And it’s coming to a fashion week near you soon.

In Goldstein’s own words, the new label will be “a ‘chic rock and roll’ line, in the same spirit as my own style.” The womenswear line will be shown during during Milan Fashion Week in September. “We will schedule presentations at our showroom on the top floor at Via Montenapoleone.” Goldstein says he and his partners–friends Stefano D’Ambrosio and Jean Paul–plan to launch a menswear line in 2014.

“For years now, friends and fans have complimented me on my style and encouraged me to design my own line,” Goldstein explained, of how the company, launched in June 2013, came about. “I have been reluctant to start a new career at this point in my life. But when two of my best friends recently came to me with their plans for a new clothing brand, to be named after me, I could not turn down their offer to be the head designer.”

Finally, Jimmy Goldstein and Amar’e Stoudemire have something in common besides showing up at lots of NBA games and not playing. And also finally, we’re all going to have a chance to get the ladies and very skinny men in our lives the exact kind of fashions they see on the guy who always makes them say “Who is that Cryptkeeper-looking guy in the front row?” when they’re watching basketball games. I think we can all agree that this is a tremendous happening.

And while you might be wondering why this is NBA news, well: 1) it’s August, so anything goes; and 2) the only thing Jimmy Goldstein loves as much as basketball is fashion shows, so relax; plus 3) when you consider how many NBA players love fashion shows, it’s pretty obvious that there will NBA players sitting front row at Jimmy Goldstein’s fashion show at some point. So basically — guy who is equally obsessed with basketball and fashion designs a women’s fashion line during an NBA era when players are equally obsessed with basketball and fashion, eventually leading to NBA players sitting front row at a fashion show designed by the NBA’s No. 1 fan. It’s the circle of life. Ah zabenya.

Not to mention, once you’ve mentally combined Tyson Chandler’s legs with the fact that he loves non-traditional pants, it’s not too far of a stretch to see him throwing down some cashola for a pair of Jimmy Goldstein unisex drop-crotch trousers, should such a thing ever exist in the future. Should that come to fruition, please remember where you heard it first.

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If you are anything like me, then you have long hair and sweat a lot when you’re playing basketball and therefore wear a headband for logical reasons while also acknowledging that you started wearing one back in high school because a bunch of guys on the early 2000s Trail Blazers were wearing them — Cliff Robinson and Rasheed Wallace, chief among them — and you thought it was cool. Given those similarities between me and you, I’d imagine you’d be as much of a fan of Million Dollar Ballers’ “Headband Collection” of t-shirts that feature some of the league’s most notable current headbanders as I am.

As you probably guessed from the pictures, the shirts feature James Harden, Carmelo Anthony and Rajon Rondo — no, not Paul Pierce, as he’s no longer a Celtic and the shirt doesn’t have an archipelago-ish beard on the face — all of whom have worn headbands throughout their careers. (Well, Rondo is a sometimes guy who occasionally flips his around like it’s Ken Griffey Jr.’s hat, but that’s still better than yet another LeBron James shirt.) They each retail for $35, which is a small price to pay to show how much you love headbanded basketball players. It’s more expensive than buying an NBA headband, sure, but at this point, you probably already own several of those and you’re running out of places to put more terrycloth.

Nonetheless, as a bro who owns a few of these MDB shirts, I can vouch for the actual comfort of the shirt, which is top-notch. But this isn’t The Shirt Fabric Jones, so let’s stick to the players, who look pretty great on these things. I mean, what’s better than walking down the street while wearing something that is pretty much just a beard, a mohawk and a headband? Basically only growing out a giant beard and mohawk, then buying a headband and walking down the street, which would take way longer than simply ordering one of these shirts. Choose wisely.


I probably never would have guessed that this was the case, but as it turns out, when it comes to fashion questionnaires in newspapers, the Bulls’ Jimmy Butler is one of the best interviews in the game. But check the facts revealed, courtesy of the Chicago Sun-Times, and tell me this isn’t one of the best NBA fashion talks you’ve ever read.

  • He says he would never wear a Heat jersey, moving the Bulls-Heat feud forward in the smallest way possible while also guaranteeing that if he ever signs with the Heat in the next decade, someone will be able to bring this up and be like, “Gotcha.”
  • He loves “colorful pants” so much that he mentions them twice over the course of six questions.
  • J-But is also probably the first NBA player of recent vintage to come out in favor of cowboy boots. Considering he’s the NBA’s reigning Mr. Country, this shouldn’t be too surprising, but still.
  • Jimmy Butler says he “usually” doesn’t wear socks, but literally every time I’ve ever seen Jimmy Butler he’s been wearing socks.
  • He likes to have fresh breath nearly as much as he likes to have fresh earrings/colorful pants.

So there you go, five bullet points worth of why Jimmy Butler might be the best NBA interview about fashion yet. None of this “Guys need to tighten up their silhouettes and be adventurous” nonsense, just some straight-up “Hey, I love cowboy boots and colored pants,” which is a nice chance of pace, I think. At the very least, it’s nice to see what I am assuming is his prom picture.

(via Beyond the Buzzer)


Remember when 75 percent of the famous people at this year’s All-Star Weekend were wearing leather sweatpants and we all collectively thought, “This truly is the apex of leather clothing and the NBA. We’ve finally reached peak leather?” Well, we were all wrong, because a) look at these “Raging Bulls Shorts” from En Noir and b) read this product description:


Nappa leather
Applique raging bull style lines
RiRi zippers
Wax coated drawstring
Custom lace tips

Maybe you can’t tell from that picture up top or using context clues, but those “Applique raging bull style lines” are the exact same as the detailing that’s been on the Chicago Bulls’ shorts since their first season in 1966. Here’s a closeup.


No Bulls logo, but these are basically Chicago Bulls leather shorts, which seems like something Carlos Boozer would really be in to. I’m not sure I’m going to drop the $1,250 to buy these — I get sweaty enough in non-leather shorts, so I have to imagine these would turn my crotch in to a rainforest — but it would be a pretty boss move to go to a Bulls game wearing leather Bulls shorts. I don’t know if you’ll automatically get courtsides, but you’ll look famous enough that it’s possible. At the very least, I bet you’ll get upsized to a commemorative stadium cup for free. Better than nothing.


The New Orleans Pelicans unveiled their uniforms today, and because they’re not the Brooklyn Nets and Jay-Z didn’t “design” their jerseys, they didn’t leak prior to the unveiling, which is truly amazing in this day and age. So just a few minutes ago, we had our actual first look at the league’s newest team. The results are somewhat better than fine.

My thoughts, in bullets:

  • Now that the Pelicans are rocking navy blue road unis, that makes 18 of 30 NBA teams who wear some shade of blue fairly regularly. This is because blue — whether it be navy, royal or baby — looks good on uniforms. It’s kind of a bummer that we have yet another blue-clad team, but that’s a hard color to mess up, so you can understand why that’d be the choice. But still, these are basically just those old Cavs alternates from the LeBron era.
  • Super bummer that “Pelicans” isn’t across the chest of either of these. If you have a weird team name, embrace it.
  • That “New Orleans” on the chest is hilariously small. Maybe up-size that font to a 72-point next time around.
  • The embellished font used on the numbers obviously has to do with old timey New Orleans writing, but when you look at Jrue Holiday’s No. 11, it kind of looks like flamingo legs. Which, of course, wrong bird.
  • I don’t know that much about New Orleans, but whatever the Hornets were wearing the past few seasons feels way more festive than these new looks.

All that being said, these are still not bad. They’re just plain, and it’s unfortunate they’re so barely Pelicans-y. When in doubt, bird it out.

Couple more shots after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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