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We should have known, you guys. When news of the Suns’ new-ish logos and more NBA teams getting sleeved jerseys broke on the same day, we should have known they’d be one of the alleged five sleeved teams. We should have been able to logic that one out. I’m sorry I botched it.

Nonetheless, some words. From the Arizona Republic:

The Suns are among at least five NBA teams who will be wearing an alternate uniform with sleeved jerseys next season, and the change evidently doesn’t have much to do with cutting-edge fashion.

OK fine, some teams are getting sleeved jerseys. Why wouldn’t it be the team who is obviously in the middle of a step-by-step rebrand? Seems obvious in hindsight.

Not everyone is excited though. This is a tweet from Suns point guard Kendall Marshall from less than a week ago.

pleeease NOT us — RT @SLAMonline: Up to Five NBA Teams Reportedly Will Wear Sleeved Jerseys Next Season  #NBA

Whoops. He’s trying to cover his tracks, but still, whoops. This isn’t as bad as, I don’t know, the best and most famous player on the only team who has worn sleeved jerseys calling them ugly, but it’s not a good look to have players on your team tweeting about how they don’t want sleeved jerseys right before your team gets sleeved jerseys. Maybe not the best way to get fans pumped for the new kits.

That being said, I’m excited to see the Suns’ new sleevers, whenever they come out. After re-doing the court last year, wearing the black 90s retros a few times during the season, then updating their logos this summer, these new sleevemonsters are going to be the first taste we get of whatever the Suns are planning for their new look. Judging by what’s come to pass recently, I wouldn’t be surprised to see quite a bit of black involved, which might be cool. (Though I will admit that even the idea of a sports team who plays in the desert adding fabric to their uniforms has me sweating — WOO — just thinking about it, even if they are mesh.)

At the very least, they will be new, which is a step in the right direction. Considering this itty bitty anecditty, that’s something.

Jerry Colangelo paid $400 for the team’s originial “sunburst” logo design, and the team kept it and the same lettering for 24 years.

The Suns got their original logo back in 1968, then updated in 1991, when they got the pre-border version of the logo they’ve had ever since (the grey border was added in 2000). This is a franchise that does not change looks very often, which is probably why they’re still wearing uniforms that look like they were designed to immediately be put in a Y2K time capsule. Slowly but surely they are working their way towards not having one of the worst uniforms in the NBA. The sleeved jerseys might be a disaster, but at least they are a change. That’s encouraging.


Good news for people who hate sunburns and bad news for people who like how basketball jerseys normally look — we’re about to see a whole bunch of sleeves next season.

From ESPN:

Hoping in part to push along sales of NBA jerseys, more teams will wear uniforms with sleeves next season.

An NBA source told that as many as five teams will wear the short-sleeve jerseys as an alternate jersey for as much as 12 games during the season. [...]

All teams were offered the option to add this jersey, according to Sal LaRocca, the league’s executive vice president of global merchandising, but LaRocca would not confirm exactly how many teams have committed to it.

OK. And why exactly is this happening?

LaRocca did say that part of the appeal of this jersey was to offer a different option at retail, though he doesn’t expect it to outpace the sales of the current design of the league’s jersey any time soon.

“The life cycle of our jersey continues to be really strong,” LaRocca said. “Over the last few years, sales of our traditional tank-top basketball jersey has been growing worldwide. But we know that more men are comfortable wearing T-shirts than tank tops, so the idea that part of our consumer base would be interested in wearing a jersey with sleeves makes sense.”

Ah yes, the classic “more options at retail” reasoning. Just as we all suspected. Though I’d like to believe the real reason is that someone at the NBA’s league office saw me wearing a Warriors sleever and said, “More people need to look exactly like this.” I have to wonder just how much that post influenced this decision. Probably a lot. Or not at all.

But whatever the reasons behind the sleevaissance, sleeved jerseys are coming and they’re coming hard. Depending on which teams wear sleeves and when they decide to wear them, we could possibly see a sleeves vs. sleeves basketball game next season. If that happens, and everybody on the court is in a t-shirt and shorts, it’s going to look like the best pickup game you’ve ever seen.

As for the teams that will be wearing the sleeves next year, I’m going to venture a quick guess based purely on team personality. Just because they feel like progressive franchises who aren’t totally tied to tradition, here are the five teams I’m guessing will wear sleeves next season: Warriors (duh), Mavericks, Magic, Hawks, Pelicans. Those teams just seem like they’d be willing to try something silly with their jerseys, even if the players who are wearing them think they’re ugly.

Let’s just hope the shorts match the jerseys this time around.


I’ve long contended that the current Suns uniforms are amongst the worst in the NBA. They’ve been wearing them since the 2000-01 season and they look exactly like something from the 2000-01 season. The orange PHX alternates are even worse, and this is coming from a fellow who claims orange as his favorite color. To put it simply, the Suns’ jerseys are boring and outdated, which is why those new-ish logos you see up there look like they might finally be a step in a new-ish direction.

The logos were leaked by an Arizona NBC affiliate, but considering you can buy t-shirts at the NBA store with the new logos on them, I’d say it’s pretty legit. And I’d also say that these new logos are fine.

As long as I’ve been alive, the Suns have had purple as their primary color, so to see them almost completely drop it is a bit of a surprise. And, I’d argue, a bit late-90s. That’s when the Bulls and Timberwolves added black alternates, the Knicks added those horrible black stripes to their blue jerseys and the 76ers completely rebranded from red-white-blue to black-blue-red-gold. To me at least, any time a team starts adding all kinds of black to their colors, you have to think late-90s.

That being said, I think this new set of logos is still an upgrade, just because they don’t look quite as cartoonish as their predecessors. I’d still prefer they ditch the flaming ball thing permanently — and the border of their primary logo — but whatever. That new S, however, is really bad. The sun that’s cutting through it doesn’t line up on either side of the crossing part of the S and it looks like something a kid would draw in Sharpie on their backpack. That is cool if you are a kid, but if you are a professional sports franchise, it’s kind of amateur looking.

But like I said, this is probably a step in the right direction. The Suns have been wearing their current uniforms forever, but between the new logos, the new court they were playing on this season and the fact that those two things pretty obviously tie in to each other, you have to imagine we’re going to be seeing new extra black Phoenix Suns jerseys pretty soon. And considering the Suns’ retroed black alternates from the 90s are some of the best unis we saw on the court this season, that could be a really good thing.

Or they could end up looking like Halloween or Oklahoma State University. That’s a tight rope to walk.


We still don’t believe you. You still need more people.

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We all knew Tim Duncan had a Punisher knee brace, but apparently his airbrush obsession goes even further than that. I wonder if he bought matching t-shirts from the state fair.

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Hey, Craig Sager dresses weird, have you heard? Yeah, you have. Everybody has. It’s impossible to ignore.

But still, it’s fun that he dresses like various dessert treats all the time. The fact that he’s pretty tall and married to a former Bulls dancer helps, too, but I think we can all agree that it’s fun. Fun? Fun.

Also fun — Craig Sager talking about his clothes. For instance, from NBC Miami:

“I feel more comfortable if it’s lively,” he said. “I don’t like to be dull.”

Yes, obviously.

Sager claims to own more ties than Neiman Marcus. For his road trip through the Eastern Conference Finals, he packed 12 pairs of custom-dyed alligator, ostrich, eel, and leather shoes.

A) “More ties than Neiman Marcus” is a Beastie Boys lyric, basically. Craig Sager speaks in Beastie Boy lyrics.
B) Not only did Craig Sager pack 12 pairs of shoes for a two-week trip, those 12 pairs of shoes were all custom-dyed in assorted exotic skins.

No, he’s not the world’s most interesting man, but the Atlanta Journal-Constitution once surveyed the closet in his Georgia home, counting 137 suit jackets.

“I have more in another closet if you care to look,” Sager said. The journalist politely declined his offer. He was tired of counting.

137 + however many suits there were in that other closet = way too many suits.

The legend began many years ago with a trip to the Goodwill store in Fort Myers, Florida. Sager was searching for a sport coat for a resume tape, auditioning as a weatherman for a station in Tampa. He got the job, but they told him to ditch the suit.

Decades later, the legendary TNT broadcaster has the last laugh, and there’s even a website,, dedicated to his eccentric wardrobe.

In your face.

Usually someone might tell him at a game, “I was going to wear that same thing,” he said.

“And I’ll go, no you weren’t, because I had it made, it’s one of a kind,” Sager said.

In your face again.

Wasn’t that fun? I think so, but maybe that’s just because Craig Sager bragging about his wardrobe reminds me of any rapper bragging about theirs. MC Craigy Sages over here. “Got so many suits / got a second closet full / Red ostriches / I don’t like to be dull” or whatever. He’s obviously got the mic skills, so I don’t see why this won’t work.


Because of weird TV agreements and your dad needing something to watch on Sunday afternoon, the Miami Heat have yet to play Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals despite the fact that their counterparts in the West have already played two games. (Thanks a lot, your dad.) But that doesn’t mean Dwyane Wade isn’t planning ahead.

No, not about a possible Finals opponent, because that would be rude, presumptuous and the kind of thing that gets turned in to bulletin board material. He’s mostly just worried about the fashion aspect of things, which is exactly why he already has his championship round outfits picked out. From Business Insider’s transcription of an ESPN Radio interview with Wade’s stylist, Calyann Barnett:

“Before the playoffs even started we went through all of his looks, straight through the finals,” said Barnett. “And every look is set already…and I already know what he will wear for the next game and the Finals.”

So Dwyane Wade doesn’t even have two fully operational knees, but he’s got at least 14 outfits (seven possible ECF games, seven possible Finals games) picked out so that people will remember he’s a big-time fashionista. Cool. Very cool stuff. Very important to pick out your clothes ahead of time, that way you don’t get caught off guard and accidentally wear pants that are way too short.

Of course, this could get super awkward if the Heat don’t make the Finals, which is basically inconceivable to anyone who has watched basketball this season. But if that does somehow happen, Dwyane Wade’s going to have a bunch of designer clothes set out to wear, but with nowhere to wear them and no desire to, since he’s probably called them his “Finals clothes” when talking about things with his stylist. It’d be a real “All dressed up and no place to go” situation, which might be the worst thing Dwyane Wade could ever imagine.

Oh, and about that bulletin board material stuff — if LeBron James can get mad at Frank Vogel for something that he never really said, then I think it’s only fair that the Pacers get upset by something Dwyane Wade’s stylist said about him already having picked out what he wants to wear in the Finals. Not only is that the kind of silly thing that inevitably gets turned in to a stupid controversy, I can also think of nothing better to describe today’s NBA than a media fight about clothes. Let the beefing begin.

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