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If you are anything like me, then you have long hair and sweat a lot when you’re playing basketball and therefore wear a headband for logical reasons while also acknowledging that you started wearing one back in high school because a bunch of guys on the early 2000s Trail Blazers were wearing them — Cliff Robinson and Rasheed Wallace, chief among them — and you thought it was cool. Given those similarities between me and you, I’d imagine you’d be as much of a fan of Million Dollar Ballers’ “Headband Collection” of t-shirts that feature some of the league’s most notable current headbanders as I am.

As you probably guessed from the pictures, the shirts feature James Harden, Carmelo Anthony and Rajon Rondo — no, not Paul Pierce, as he’s no longer a Celtic and the shirt doesn’t have an archipelago-ish beard on the face — all of whom have worn headbands throughout their careers. (Well, Rondo is a sometimes guy who occasionally flips his around like it’s Ken Griffey Jr.’s hat, but that’s still better than yet another LeBron James shirt.) They each retail for $35, which is a small price to pay to show how much you love headbanded basketball players. It’s more expensive than buying an NBA headband, sure, but at this point, you probably already own several of those and you’re running out of places to put more terrycloth.

Nonetheless, as a bro who owns a few of these MDB shirts, I can vouch for the actual comfort of the shirt, which is top-notch. But this isn’t The Shirt Fabric Jones, so let’s stick to the players, who look pretty great on these things. I mean, what’s better than walking down the street while wearing something that is pretty much just a beard, a mohawk and a headband? Basically only growing out a giant beard and mohawk, then buying a headband and walking down the street, which would take way longer than simply ordering one of these shirts. Choose wisely.


It is kind of hard to tell what’s actually going on with Kevin Durant’s backpack, but this — from Sprayground, the people who sell the thing — will certainly help.


Feels weird to be talking about a Kevin Durant backpack again — so 2011, ugh — but when a guy who is money with his jumper (pun) wears a cash stack-printed backpack, you can bank (pun) on it being posted. It’s just too bad Durant isn’t negotiating a new contract (business term) or something like that, so that we could drum up some fake controversy, but I guess we can fall back on showing you the latest upgrade to Kevin Durant’s every day carry.

And hey, at just $60 this might be the cheapest way to look like a million bucks (super pun) or at least Kevin Durant. I mean, it’s either this or business tattoos with a Sharpie and that’s going to take forever, plus it’s really hard to draw upside down on your own chest. Trust me.

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Fans of puns and/or keeping dry are going to love this — an honest-to-goodness umbrella emblazoned with Shawn Kemp doing a nasty tomahawk. Why does it make sense? Because he’s the Reign Man, duh. And because he became famous in Seattle, which is famous for being rainy, duh. Duh.

The Reign Man umbrella comes from UNDRCRWN, the internet’s finest purveyor of basketball-ish goods, and it retails for $40, which means you need to make sure you don’t leave this in a cab. Lucky for you, forgetful umbrella owner, that Shawn Kemp graphic will make this easy to identify if one of your buddies is really in to old-timey stuff and keeps an umbrella storage canister near the door for when people visit. No more mistaking your black umbrella for your friend’s black umbrella or for your other friend’s black umbrella.

And hey, not many basketball players have weather-related nicknames, so this is kind of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Unless someone makes a “Thunder” Dan Majerle rain slicker soon, this is pretty much it. Go nuts, amateur meteorologists.

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Ummmm, Chris ... you smell Untouchable.

It’s been a while since we got to smell like an NBA player (shoutout to Khloe and Lamar). But I am here today to tell you that that’s all about to change.

Avon Products, Inc. today announced that Los Angeles Clippers basketball star Chris Paul will be joining the company’s team as the face of a new men’s fragrance, Untouchable. A legend in the making, Paul – husband, proud father of two and founder of the CP3 Foundation – represents the future of basketball and the power of the will to win. The new scent will capture the thrill of hitting the court when the crowd is going wild, sinking the game-winning shot and bringing home victory.

“The drive to win is what gets me out of bed every morning,” explains Paul. “This new scent with Avon will capture the competitive attitude that motivates me to play my best on and off the court.”

“Chris Paul is such an incredible role model,” explains Meg Lerner, Vice President Avon North America Marketing. “He is truly living the American dream, and he owes it all to his hard work and dedication. The new fragrance represents that commitment and all that he has achieved at such a young age.”

Untouchable will launch Father’s Day 2013 and will feature Chris Paul and his son, Christopher Emmanuel II, in brochure. The fragrance will be available for $25 exclusively through Avon Representatives. To locate an Avon Representative, call 1-800-FOR-AVON or visit

Yes. Finally, we all get to smell like Chris Paul. Finally, we get to douse ourselves in exotic oils that leave us smelling like “the thrill of hitting the court when the crowd is going wild, sinking the game-winning shot and bringing home victory,” which I’m guessing means some combination of hardwood, popcorn, beer, leather and sweat. I’m not exactly sure of the proportions, but that seems to fit the bill.

As a bro with a terrible sense of smell, I can’t say I’m really in the market for a new cologne. (If I was, I’m going for “Boobie,” which has a unique smell.) But if you’re really in to smelling like a basketball player, I think this is the way to go. Besides, once you throw on your Chris Paul cologne, you’ll instantly have Chris’ competitive attitude. And while that means you might punch Julius Hodge in the nuts, it also means you won’t let anyone touch your head. After all, you wouldn’t want anyone to mess up your giant hat, which I am assuming is included with each and every purchase.

Finally, the website announcing Chris Paul’s cologne lets everyone know that Avon is “the company for women.” So ladies, go nuts because this stuff is for you too. Because really, who doesn’t want their scent to be described as “Untouchable?”

(via Ananth Pandian)

If you’ve got a spare $100,000 lying around and are reading this website, you are probably OK with spending all that money on something basketball-related, just so long as it’s awesome. And though, as a Bulls fan, I might be biased, I’m fairly certain that this fits the bill — it’s the structural blueprint for the United Center’s Michael Jordan statue that everyone takes a picture with whenever they go to a Bulls game. And it’s on eBay.

Guaranteed Authentic

Check My Other Listings

  • Item: Michael Jordan Statue Structural Blue Print Page
  • Size: 24″ x 17 ” (the frame adds a 1.5 inches to each side)
  • Description: The drawings are clear and readable, cheap frame, the blue print was poorly glue’d onto a piece of cardboard, can see the swirl of the glue through the paper, paper has yellowed except where the glue swirls are


  • Payment: Paypal
  • Shipping and Handling
  • Local pick up only but will help if you are making the shipping arrangement

OK, so there are some obvious flaws with this — you have to pick it up in Manteno, IL and there is no reason you would ever want to go there besides this, there are some glue swirls on the paper, the frame sucks — but it’s totally worth it to have the blueprints to a statue of Michael Jordan wearing a pair of shoes he never wore for a game. Buy a nicer frame, hang it above the mantle and you’re straight ballin’.

And though it totally makes sense that such a thing would exist, I’m a little surprised it does. I guess I always just figured that the plans behind Michael Jordan’s statue were just something along the lines of, “Build a statue of Michael Jordan dunking and make it look awesome.” The statue accomplishes that pretty easily, but it does make a lot of sense that there’d be more planning than just one guy telling another what he’d like to see. This is why I’m not an architect, sculptor or city planner.

So just pony up the $100,000 and get a super cool, one-of-a-kind piece of memorabilia. Literally no else will have this, so you’ll instantly have a leg up on all the other rich, eccentric Jordan fans out there. Just make sure you get a new frame because that one is bogus.

Couple more shots after the jump. Five Muggsys out of five, for all the Phenomenal Swag heads out there.

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Ever since Paul Pierce struck the worst Tebow in history, everyone on Earth has been clamoring for a t-shirt to commemorate this special event. It’s been like waiting for a Jay Electronica album to finally drop.

But unlike Jay Electronica’s ill-fated debut, the Paul Pierce Tebow shirt actually exists. It’s available from the Celtics’ team store and will run you just $21.95, which is peanuts for a shirt you’ve so badly wanted. I mean, it has a fake Bible verse that I’m sure no one would ever find potentially offensive, so you know it’s worth every penny of your hard-earned cash.

The best part of this shirt, obviously, is the timelessness of it. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where a shirt about Paul Pierce’s performance in Game 2 of a first round playoff series would ever feel dated, especially when it looks like this, so I’m confident in telling you that this is a great investment piece. The resale market for these will be huge. We’re talking six digits minimum on eBay.

Oh actually, the exact opposite of everything you’ve just read. Except the shirt is really real. Wasn’t joking about that, believe it or not.

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I know what you are thinking — “Didn’t Michael Jordan wear Nike his entire career? And didn’t he start playing in the NBA less than 30 years ago?” The answer to both of those questions, wise reader, is yes. He was a Nike man and his NBA debut was a mere 28 years ago. You’re very smart.

Here’s the thing though. Prior to joining forces with Nike to literally change the face of professional sports for all eternity, Jordan was just a 19-year-old college kid named Mike who wore Converse and hit national championship winning jumpers. That first clutch moment was 30 years ago. Since then, Mike Jordan became Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan became the greatest basketball player ever and Nike bought Converse. That’s how we’re getting these fantastic Michael Jordan 30th anniversary Converse Pro Leather Mid LTDs and the celebratory memorabilia pack they’re a part of.

The shoes are an updated reproduction of the kicks Jordan was wearing when he won the 1982 national championship with a game-winning jumper. The shoe has been decked out in all manner of Carolina and Jordan nostalgia. You’ve got “30 years of 23″ on the tongue, gold lace tips and the North Carolina practice shorts logo — which Jordan wore underneath his uniform for the entirety of his professional career — on the sockliner. It’s like they took a nice shoe and made it great, then had Michael Jordan sign it to make it even better. Included in the pack is a signed UNC jersey and a wooden box. That’s for burying this as treasure, I think.

All that’s great, but here’s the bad part. There are only 30 of these packs made and only 23 of them are being auctioned. That means you’re paying A LOT of money to get your hands on one of these. And while that might be totally frustrating, it’s not all bad as 100 percent of the proceeds are going to the James R. Jordan Foundation, who help provide education opportunities for children in underserved communities. So even though it’s a bummer you’re probably not going to buy these for less than $3,000, at least you know that’s $3,000 well spent.

More images after the jump.

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