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As Tas Melas will surely tell you, the Olympics are about the pureness of sport and the integrity of competition (and also performance enhancing drugs and various cheating scandals). It’s a bunch of athletes who have devoted their lives to being able to represent their countries, finally getting the chance to represent their country. It’s pretty amazing.

But sometimes, one basketball player punches another player in the nuts because they’re flopping and tanking, so no one really knows how to feel. Not only is a nut punch pretty brutal in any context, doing so at the pinnacle of sports seems even worse. But according to puncher of nuts Nicolas Batum, some people thought it was awesome. From Blazersedge:

“I won’t say any names but Spanish people and Spanish media were truly mad at me on Twitter,” Batum acknowledged. “I got some bad things, trust me. [But] people all around the world, on Twitter, or media, or people, even coaches and players from the other teams, thanked me.”

Why? For upholding the Olympics spirit? For getting in a good lick on Navarro? Because Spain had it coming?

“I won’t say what they told me, but trust me a lot of people thanked me,” he repeated. “I won’t say, but they just thanked me. Trust me, a lot, a lot of people. Not especially from France but from everywhere. I won’t say that’s good. I’m not happy or glad about it.”

So basically, “I’m not proud I punched Juan Carlos Navarro in the junk, but people do think it was pretty great,” which is a very weird version of a humblebrag. I didn’t know it was possible to be boastful and ashamed at the same time, but here we are.

Besides there’s nothing else that Batum really needs to worry about since other Spanish players are laughing at it too.

With the incident now in the past, Batum told reporters he is able to laugh about it with Victor Claver, a member of the Spanish national team who also happens to be his teammate on the Blazers.

“The first time playing against him I was 13 or 14 years old,” Batum said of Claver. “I’ve known him a long time. A good friend. Yeah we laugh about it. I talked to him. He said, ‘yeah, I can understand.’”

Haha. I love how Victor Claver is like, “Yeah man, I’ve wanted to punch him in the balls too.” Maybe Juan Carlos Navarro is really annoying and everyone always wants to hit him in the genitals. I don’t know, but that seems like it might be a legitimate possibility, based solely on him getting punched in the Dickens and having a teammate laugh about it and say “I can understand.” Must be that beard he grew or how he’s always bragging about leading the Grizzlies in three-point shooting that one season he was in the NBA.

All that being said, I still stand firm by my belief that you shouldn’t punch other people in the nuts. Maybe I’m old-school, but that’s just how I feel.

We went over this yesterday. Step one to not punching other players in the junk is simple — don’t punch them in the junk. I guess Nic Batum didn’t get the memo because holy smokes is that a serious nut punch.

Look how angry he looks. I’m on record as being against punching your opponents in the balls, but just let me make sure everyone knows that I am SUPER against looking this ferocious when you do it. It takes a bad situation and makes things way worse. This makes Fecundo Campazzo look gentle.

He had a reason though. From Adrian Wojnarowski:

“I wanted to give him a good reason to flop,” Batum said.

People have said that flopping has gotten out of hand, but I’m not sure they meant for players to take matters in to their own hands, literally. Though I will concede that a rogue nut-puncher traveling throughout the NBA would certainly be an effective policing strategy.

On the plus side, at least the All-Punched in the Nuts team finally has a point guard. Between La Bomba, Julius Hodge, Carmelo Anthony, Channing Frye and Chris Kaman, that’s a pretty solid team in this new world where punching opponents in the genitals is the cool thing to do. Not only are they complete, they’ve also learned to play though a nut punch. Looking forward to them uniting in the 2016 Olympics and taking home gold.

Just make sure to bring cups.

(via BuzzFeed)