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Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • More specifically, he looks like he’s wearing a comically over-exaggerated Andrew Bynum costume.
  • This is his third different hairstyle in the past three games.
  • His head looks like a Mario mushroom.

Evidence against:

  • Last night was November 16, so there’s really no reason to be in costume.
  • Josh Childress looks like this every day and that’s not a costume.
  • He has to be messing with us.

Verdict: He has become his own costume, so technically both no and yes.

(image via Dan McQuade)

Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • His hair looks like a cheap Beatles wig.
  • “The Three Stooges” movie was released in this calendar year, so dressing like Moe would actually be a timely costume.

Evidence against:

  • Seems to be in the experimental phase of growing his hair out where you keep trying new things in the hopes of finding something that looks good.
  • He probably didn’t see “The Three Stooges,” since no one did.
  • He’s a computer nerd, so he probably knows the internet is loving all this weird hair stuff he’s doing and is enjoying the attention.

Verdict: Throwing the internet a bone (not a costume).

Evidence for:

Evidence against:

  • This picture was taken nearly two weeks after Halloween.
  • There is no chain on the outside of his shirt.
  • Spent seven years in Los Angeles, where hairstyles similar to this one are still kind of cool.

Verdict: Hair experiment (not a costume).

Look guys, I know as well as anyone how much fun it is to hate on Nick Young for his terrible shot selection. But this shot really isn’t that bad. Hear me out.

Consider the things that led to this shot. First, the end of quarter clock is running out, so time is of the essence. Second, an inaccurate outlet pass leads to a lazy non-catch which leads to a bad pass by Dorell Wright, which Nick Young then has to save. Third, he’s in the corner with a man on him and another guy within five feet.

It’s not like Young really had a chance to catch the ball cleanly, turn and assess the clock situation, then decide what to do with the ball. As far as he knows, with his back to the court and falling out of bounds with a defender-and-a-half on him, the quarter is almost over and getting a shot up is better than not. Yeah, that’s what he always thinks, but definitely not the worst shot attempt ever. If he wasn’t a former Knucklehead Era Wizard with a history of doing dumb stuff, this is just silliness.

Besides, if he makes it, he’s the new Rex Chapman. When that’s the reward, you take any kind of crazy shot you can think of.

In the annals of history, “The Legend of Bagger Vance” will go down as an unremembered movie in the careers of both Will Smith and Matt Damon. When you’ve got legendary films such as “Wild Wild West,” “Stuck On You” and “Hancock” on your IMDb page, some things are bound to be overlooked.

But not if you’re Doug Collins. There’s no way he could ever forget “The Legend of Bagger Vance.” And he can’t forget it for one simple reason — he’s living it. From CSN Philly:

A couple of weeks ago, Sixers coach Doug Collins was watching the movie The Legend of Bagger Vance and it immediately put his mind in motion.

Collins thought, what if he could mentor third-year guard Evan Turner and help him get “unlocked” the way Will Smith’s character, Bagger Vance, worked with golfer Rannulph Junuh, played by Matt Damon. [...]

“I thought Evan rebounded the ball well today,” Collins said. “But other than getting ‘unlocked,’ he just needs a breakout game. Just a breakout game where the ball goes in and he’s in a good rhythm. Right now, he’s just not in a great rhythm, but then again, our team is not [in a great rhythm].”

The best part of this plan, obviously, is that Bagger Vance is an owner for the 76ers, as Will Smith recently bought a piece of the team. Who better to give Bagger Vance advice (ad-Vance) than the real Bagger Vance? Literally no one. I assume Doug Collins and Will Smith will be working hand-in-hand to “unlock” Evan Turner, probably via text.

Then again, is this really the most inspirational Will Smith movie that Doug Collins could have picked for Evan Turner? (And why was he watching “The Legend of Bagger Vance” in 2012?) I’d think “Ali” might be a better choice, since there’s that whole being the greatest angle that Dougie could push. Or maybe he could have went the “Shark Tale” route and told Turner that the only way he can succeed is by being himself. Both are more concrete concepts than being “unlocked,” which theoretically should have happened when Turner went for 29 and 13 against the Bucks late last season.

Nonetheless, Turner is going to be a huge part in determining where the Sixers go. Is he part of core with Andrew Bynum and Jrue Holiday? Will Evan Turner be able to replace Andre Iguodala? Can Evan Turner beat Bobby Jones and Walter Hagen in a golf and/or boring names match? These are all questions the 76ers need answered this season, and if that means sucking up to the owner by watching one of his most blah movies and then asking him for advice about it, then so be it. If Evan Turner can find his authentic swing shot, then it’ll all be worth it.

(via PBT)

Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • Specifically, the roundness of his hair makes it look like a wig.
  • Might be getting a few final uses out of his Halloween costume.
  • From the greys, to the goatee, to the knee braces, he is basically Denzel Washington in “He Got Game.”

Evidence against:

  • He’s seriously wearing his hair like that now.
  • The scraggly greys prove that this is actually human hair.
  • Drunk Denzel Washington from “Flight” is a far more timely costume.

Verdict: Not a costume.

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(via USA Today Sports)

On the plus side, at least we know that somewhere out there is a crystal clear video of Jason Richardson limping around on a rolled ankle. That dedication to getting a shot is the kind of work that can land a cameraman a primo gig on “Survivor.” Those guys won’t stop filming for anything.

Get Mark Burnett on the phone. He needs to see this.