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Last night, which seems like forever ago at this point, Russell Westbrook hit a crazy, one-handed scoop shot while being fouled that he couldn’t replicate given 12 chances. It was the kind of play you see all the time, where a guy just throws the ball at the rim when he’s fouled in an effort to convince the ref he was shooting, only this shot went in and the Oklahoma City faithful went bonknananas (bonkers + bananas, obviously).

Since it’s the 21st century, pictures were snapped and we get a chance to look at some of the reactions on the faces of those very happy Thunder fans. So let’s do that, starting immediately after this sentence.

Charles Schuster, 59, Banking Executive
Charles hadn’t been this excited since the big Old Second/Fifth Third merger from a few years back. Heck, he hadn’t worn a t-shirt over a dress shirt in ages. But this Thunder team made him feel young again, just like when he got his start at the bank as a teller who used to change dollars in to quarters for customers who needed to use the bank’s pay phone. Maybe he doesn’t understand every basketball rule, but he’s always known when to clap.


Ricky Brinson, 25, Oklahoma City Thunder Ball Boy

Ricky’s friends always said he was too old to be a ball boy, that working your way up from the bottom doesn’t actually start there. He didn’t care. He’d always wanted to be Sam Presti, and if that meant he had to mop up sweat 40 times a year, he’d do it. Besides, the perks are worth it.


Nina Patel, 22, Student

Final biology exam finished, Nina was ready to parrrrtaaaaayyyyyyyy. In Oklahoma City, that means a Thunder game. Little did she know, she was going to be 30 feet from one of the most outstanding basketball plays in OKC history. She might not know what she’s doing after graduation, but this is a good way to start.


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