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“Most women are interested in me, because I have dimples and I’m Canadian.”Tristan Thompson, ladies…

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“Matty, I didn’t know your dad was coming to the game?”Gregg Popovich to Matt Bonner, following one of Bonner’s fans screaming for him to get in to a game


“I still want to punch somebody in the face — I don’t know who, but, I still want to punch somebody. Make somebody suffer.”Danilo Gallinari, doing nothing to dissuade those of us who think he looks like a young Robert De Niro


“I just go like a hermit crab. I go place to place if I have to. So whatever it takes to put food in my kids’ bellies and a roof over their head. It doesn’t matter to me.”Nate Robinson, on if he’ll be with the Bulls next year


“I’d be concerned about any happy coach.”Tom Thibodeau, about liking the Bulls’ intensity but really about life


“This is real life!”Jimmy Butler, noted NBA cowboy, upon hearing a country song at the United Center


“Right now I’m on a drought, soon I’m going to make it flood.”Nate Robinson, duh