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“Everybody will bring their shoes just in case we get to play a pickup game.”Erik Spoelstra, making sure his team takes care of all the important stuff before their meeting with Barack Obama

And suddenly, all was right with the world.

(via Dallas Mavericks’ Tumblr/Rob Mahoney)

“I didn’t go to the Draft! So here is my draft night hand shake. 7 months later”Kim English, Detroit Pistons second round pick, upon meeting Moby

(via Zac Dubasik)

“Hello from Toronto where Nate Robinson just tried to trip the Raptor in the pregame layup line.”Nick Friedell, letting us all in on Nate Robinson’s valiant attempt to reenact this

(via Danny Mota)

“Is that my Dad? Am I Pop Jr.?”Stephen Jackson, after Gregg Popovich got two Ts and was kicked out of last night’s game against the Timberwolves

“EARL CLARK. EARLSANITY BABY”Mike D’Antoni, talking about Earl Clark getting his first start with the Lakers tonight