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Or to be more exact, he is the Axeman in “Axeman at Cutter’s Creek,” which is something I will not be seeing any time soon. That being said, if you were picking any NBA player ever to be in a horror movie, Scot Pollard is a pretty solid choice. He’s scary enough as is, but when he’s licking faces things are even worse. No thanks.

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Be right back. Gotta go watch the entirety of Eddie Murphy’s “Delirious” for the first time since college. I’m sure you understand. Goonie goo goo.

No words. Just hysterical laughter.

Have you ever wondered if Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook is more of a cat or a dog? For some reason, The Basketball Jones has. After debating this pointless topic for months, we took the opportunity at NBA All-Star Weekend to find out the answer once and for all.


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Did you see me? There in the back. Behind the guy. No, the other guy.

No? Fine. This will help. Enhance.






All-Star Weekend: where dreams come true.

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SPOILER ALERT — NBA players use a lot of towels.

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