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I’m not sure what is the most amazing thing about these “NBA Inside Stuff” compilations put together by Oakley and Allen — how vividly I remember these highlights, how many of the players featured are now television personalities or how dorky these guys are. What a show. Miss you, “NBA Inside Stuff.”

Also, Michael Jordan hit a guy in the face with a golf club. Part two after the jump.

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Not only did our friends at Sole Collector collaborate with LOOK/SEE on a nice, purpley-mirrored pair of sunglasses to celebrate their 40th issue, they also decided to promote it the best way possible — by taking one of the best internet memes and making it basketball. If you can’t get excited about Shaquille O’Neal getting a pair of glasses thrown on his face after sonning Chris Dudley, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Deal with it, I guess.

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Over the past couple of days, we’ve been able to enjoy Media Day as our favorite players are reporting to their teams. It’s like school picture day combined with show and tell mixed with some talent show. These guys probably hate it, but it’s great for us because we love laughing.

As such, let’s take a look at a bunch of candidates and decide which picture is the best. Comparing things is fun.

Ryan Anderson and Anthony Davis joking around and definitely not violating anyone else’s personal spaces.

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Some guys have all the luck. NBA’s all-time leading scorer, a statue outside the Staples Center AND a cameo role on the pilot episode of sure-to-be-long-lived sitcom “Guys with Kids” where he dunks a baby like that is a real thing that people do? Looks like everything is coming up Kareem.

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Video: The NBA, Gangnam Style

You knew it was coming and now you can’t get that song out of your head. Sorry.

Also, Mr. Bean for some reason.

It’s the middle of September and we’re mired in the deadest dead of the NBA calendar, when guys are just trying to get their last few moments of training and relaxation in before the grind of the season. If it weren’t for Twitter and guys keeping us updated with all the dumb things they’re doing, we’d have nothing but the classic “15 pounds of muscle” and “looks better than ever” to talk about around these parts. No fun. Instead, we get to giggle at guys enjoying their final weeks of partying and a basketball internet filled with completely subjective and utterly meaningless lists.

All of which is to say, I hope you enjoy this completely subjective and utterly meaningless list.

When we talk about what makes a player cool, it’s basically impossible to describe. That’s going to make this paragraph really fun to read, I know, but I think we all have a basic grasp on the concept. It’s some combination of charisma, accolades, talent, personality and mystique. On-court performance and style play in to this to, but as FreeDarko explained for years, probably not as must as you’d think. Simply put, there are just some guys in the league that are cooler than others. You know who the coolest guys in the league are even if you can’t explain it.

For instance, LeBron James was at his coolest when he was coming in to the NBA, before he took so much criticism and (more importantly) responded to that criticism. It’s hard for the best player in the league to be the coolest player in the league, since there is so much spotlight on them that it’s hard to be anything other than a superstar. Shaquille O’Neal was never the coolest player in the league and neither was Kobe Bryant. Michael Jordan was, even though Sam Perkins was a pretty close second. The sometimes unfair demands of being the top player in the NBA — mass marketability, grace in the media, not outwardly being a jerk or goofball — make it basically impossible for that guy to double as the coolest player in the league.

Trying to be the coolest player in the league doesn’t help either, which is why Amar’e Stoudemire isn’t at the top of this list. For whatever reason, consciously courting cool just doesn’t work. To be cool, you just have to be cool (shoutout to Uma Thurman) without really trying. As Channing Tatum said in “21 Jump Street,” trying hard is for nerds, which I understand is the least cool reference that could possibly be made with the exception of that Uma Thurman/”Be Cool” one from earlier. But then again, the concept of this whole thing is pretty uncool. C’est la vie.

Nonetheless, here is one bro’s guess at who the 10 coolest players in the NBA are, with some reasons for their selection.

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There’s an old saying: Old power forwards never die, they just end up on different benches. I may have just made this up right now, but if Juwan Howard has taught us anything then you know it’s true.

That doesn’t make this any less ridiculous though. From Marc J. Spears:

[Kevin Willis] turned 50 today, is in great shape & tells Y! he could play 15-20 min a game in NBA now & would return if a team is serious.

No offense to Kevin Willis, who is one half of the legendary “Did you mean Otis Thorpe?” joke and 100 percent of the even more legendary “Look how short this guy’s arms are” joke, but I have a feeling that none of the teams in the NBA are going to be serious. Maybe I am crazy and there is a market for 50-year-old journeymen power forwards who made one All-Star team literally 20 years ago and have been retired for five years, but I suspect that is not the case. If it were, Otis Thorpe would have got a job years ago. (Still works.)

That being said, if there were any retired basketball players who are not named Karl Malone who I think would stay in good enough shape to make a return to the NBA at age 50, Kevin Willis would be pretty high on the list. Even though he was always one of the sweatiest players of my childhood, he was always tremendously fit. Plus, he’s spent the last few years making clothes, which we all know fall way better if you keep trim.

And hey, there are still probably like three or four teams Willis hasn’t played for yet. I’m not sure if they’re serious, but they’re certainly out there. Might as well keep working out.