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Color me zero percent surprised that Reggie Miller would be anti-advanced stats and pro-humans who play basketball. That’s not the least bit surprising to me, and I’m guessing I’m not alone in that.

However, I AM surprised that he called a “pocket protector” a “pocket square” while trying to make fun of nerds — who he actually called “lab geek rats,” which nope — because this guy wears pocket squares on the regular. Having been familiar with Reggie Miller’s oeuvre for quite some time, it’s a pretty safe bet that he regrets that mistake because being lumped in with all those dorks is probably the last thing he wants. A guy with a belly button tattoo would never be that uncool.

(via Basketball Prospectus)

You probably haven’t thought about it in a while, but it’s still weird that Reggie Miller didn’t make the Hall of Fame the first year he was eligible. Even weirder is that he didn’t even make the final ballot. Sure, his statistics aren’t actually all that wowee zowee compared to other shooting guards in the Naismith, but he’s one of the most famous basketball players from the 1990s, which usually counts for something. Reggie just seems like a guy who would show up on the ballot for the first time and everyone would go, “Reggie Miller? For sure. Remember eight points in nine seconds and all that stuff with the Knicks? Check.” Guess not though.

Nonetheless, Reggie’s going in to the Hall of Fame this year, and he’s already made an awesome choice for next week’s enshrinement ceremony. From the Indy Star:

Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Cheryl Miller will be presenting former Indiana Pacers star Reggie Miller at the Sept. 7 Basketball Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony in Springfield, Mass., the Hall announced Tuesday.

Outside of Pat Summitt standing up for Dick Vitale which doesn’t really count because he got inducted mostly for being a college basketball announcer, this might be the only time a woman has presented a man at the Hall of Fame. (It’s very hard to find a full list of presenters, but this seems to be pretty complete.) That in and of itself is awesome, but it’s even cooler that it’s a little brother picking his big sister to be there for the biggest honor of his life. Besides the angled flattop with the lines shaved in, not a lot of what Reggie Miller does is cool, but this definitely is. Here’s hoping Cheryl wears her silkiest patterned shirt, just to make things extra wonderful.

One minor miscalculation that Reggie made, however, is also asking Charles Barkley to be there alongside Cheryl and Magic. I totally understand why he’d want him there, since they’re buds, but it just seems like he’s opening the door for Chuck to grab the mic and remind everybody that Reggie is the second-best basketball player in his family, not even the first to make the Hall of Fame and that everyone likes Cheryl’s broadcasting career better. He’d be totally right, of course, but that’s not what Reggie wants to hear on his special night.