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I heard something recently that I couldn’t believe was true — Vinny Del Negro taught Kenny Smith his famous between-the-legs, off-the-backboard dunk from the 1990 dunk contest. Sure, the particulars work out, like the fact that Vinny and Kenny were teammates from 1988 to 1990 and that Vinny could certainly throw down at that time. But VDN teaching something basketball-related so well did not compute with a Bulls fan who lived through him botching every timeout situation imaginable.

So I did what any 21st century human who is confronted with contradictory information would do: I Googled it. And lo and behold, the internet holds reference to such a legend. From the forums from around the time Blake Griffin was in the dunk contest, with a little emphasis added to the pertinent portion of the passage:

I’m willing to wager that Blake will throw some variation of the “backwards between the legs foul line bounce pass off the glass” (hereafter abbreviated BBTLFLBPOTG) that he used to win the McD’s contest.

Blake threw the BBTLFLBPOTG down in 2007 as a tribute to Kenny Smith’s in the 1990 NBA Dunk Contest. Kenny being Blake’s ‘dunk coach’ for the competition, it seems a given that the BBTLFLBPOTG will make another appearance, hopefully in an absolutely bone smashing manner (360 tomahawk? Is it even possible to break an NBA backboard anymore?)

Further, take a guess at who taught Kenny Smith the BBTLFLBPOTG? If you guessed Vinny del Negro, you need a new hobby, but you’re right.

If it’s on the internet, it must be true. From here on out, never let it be said that Vinny Del Negro is a bad basketball coach. If he came up with this, he’s basically a combination of Phil Jackson, Vince Lombardi and Sidney Deane with a little Patti LaBelle mixed in for good measure. Maybe all these years of having to coach every part of the game has been holding VDN back and he just needs to focus on his true legacy, which is teaching fancy dunks for the dunk contest. I’m not sure what the market is like for full-time dunk coaches, but I’d think it’s something worth exploring.

NBA player playing against random dudes? Check. No defense? Check. Alley-oop to himself off the backboard? Check. Incomprehensible screaming from an amateur PA announcer? Super check. Fans flooding the court and shutting down the game? Check.

Basically, this is a scripted streetball scene from a movie. Obviously it really happened, which is funny because if you were going to describe one of these random summer games to a person who’s never seen one, you’d jokingly say something like, “Some NBA guys play in them and there’s no defense and guys are just throwing themselves oops off the backboard, then everybody goes crazy and runs on the court while some announcer is just yelling nonsense.” This is that, except really real. It’s the definition of summer league streetball.

Pretty decent 360 layup from Tyreke Evans at the end there too. Also seems like a setup for an And 1 mixtape shoot, but still pretty chill.

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When you are an NBA ownership group who is broke because you decided to build a massive Las Vegas hotel immediately before the economic recession, you’ll take any sort of sponsorship deal you can get. I speak, of course, of the Sacramento Kings, who played basketball in an arena that was literally called Power Balance Pavilion for the entirety of last season. When you’re running out of money like the Maloofs are, you’ll even let a sham company that’s also going bankrupt put their name on your stadium, as long as they can pay the bills.

Of course, part of the whole “going bankrupt” thing is that they can’t pay the bills. That’s why the Kings are searching out a new naming rights deal. From the look of things, they’re gearing up for another hilarious sponsor. From the Sacramento Bee:

Power Balance Pavilion is likely to get renamed soon – and it could get named for the Sleep Train retail chain.

Sacramento Kings co-owner Joe Maloof said today the team is negotiating with several potential naming rights partners to replace Power Balance, the sports-wristband company that severed its contract with the team after filing for bankruptcy.

Maloof said he didn’t know the names of any of the potential partners. But Dale Carlsen, founder and chief executive of Sleep Train, said the Rocklin retailer has had talks with the team.

Carlsen said “I can’t say that we’re close to making a deal,” but his company views a naming-rights agreement as something of a community service.

Seriously, the Kings could possibly be playing in a place called something like the Sleep Train Mattress Center. For real. This would instantly become the funniest arena name in the league, maybe in its history, rivaled only by Golden State’s Cow Palace. Other teams are sponsored by airlines, major telecomm companies and banks. The Kings could be sponsored by a local mattress store.

But hey, if the Maloofs need money, we should help them out. Anything to keep the Kings in Sacramento. So with that in mind, here are some potential sponsorships the team could pursue that seem to be along the lines of companies they’ve been attracting.

  • Jamba Juice Gym
  • Mainway Toys presents the Bag O’ Glass Arena
  • Spalding Sports Stadium
  • Metamucial Coliseum
  • Golden Coins Family Restaurant Basketball Court
  • Lizzies’ Roadside Lemonade Stand Forum
  • House of Angels Midtown Psychic Center
  • Hydrex Pest Control Arena
  • Lucky Buddy Pet Care Place

If they’ve got the money, the Kings are for the booking. The Maloofs will take anything, especially since it’s super hard to sell naming rights while you’re actively trying to leave the city. Heck, I’m sure if all of us raised enough money, we could convince them to call it The Basketball Jones Arena. Just something to think about when you’re making charitable donations at the end of the year. Feel free to add your terrible Kings arena names in the comments.

Want to know a good way to win over a sappy blogger whose favorite player just retired? Do this.

From the Kings’ media relations manager, Devin Blankenship:

James Johnson will wear #52 to honor former Kings great B-Rad Miller. The two became friends in Chicago and share a love of ‘outdoors’

As an avowed James Johnson hater who considers him amongst my all-time least favorite Bulls, I am doing a 180 on this and mentally high-fiving him for making a righteous decision. If the league isn’t going to mandate that No. 52 is retired by every team — a step that is inevitable, but seems to have been help up for some unknown reason — then this is the next best thing. Considering he’s had one of the most ill-conceived hairstyles of the past few years, just like Brad, it seems a nice fit.

However, for Jimmy Johns to prove he is truly worthy of the hallowed No. 52 and that he really loves the outdoors, I think he needs to appear on an episode of “Country Boys Outdoors.” That’s the only way to know he’s for real.

If he played with a tin of dip in his shorts, that’d help too.

Joke No. 1, courtesy of DeMarcus Cousins:

congrats to my homie @jimmerfredette and his big day …also his big night!! Haha

Joke No. 2, courtesy of the Denver Post:

Paper lanterns released during [Fredette's] rehearsal dinner in Centennial on Thursday night confused nearby residents and stirred up UFO talk. [...]

Viewers called in to 9NEWS to report “strange fiery lights” floating in the sky near Arapahoe and University. One viewer finally solved the mystery after one of the lanterns landed in her neighbor’s yard.

Sounds like a big weekend for JimmerJamz. Good thing the Kings didn’t make the playoffs because fitting in losing your virginity, starting a UFO hoax and playing basketball would be impossible. Sometimes playing on a bad team has its advantages, if you know what I mean (*wiggles eyebrows*).

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“I wasn’t trying to get a tech but that’s part of being DeMarcus Cousins.”DeMarcus Cousins, explaining DeMarcus Cousins’ humunculus

If you like animals, are a big softie or simply have allergies that act up when sad stories come out, I’ll advise you to acquire one to three tissues before reading this quote from DeMarcus Cousin, explaining the “RIP Roscoe” he’s had on his shoes recently.

Got your tissues? Good. Here we go, from the Sacramento Bee:

When asked about it, Cousins explained that his 18-week-old bulldog died last week after suffering an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

“He just collapsed in his crate while I was on our last road trip,” Cousins said. “We had an autopsy done and everything because we wanted to know what happened. The (veterinarian) said it was from a bee sting.”

Great. As if I wasn’t worried enough about Yams the Brown Dog limping because she insists on jumping out of the bed even though her legs are way too short to support her body, now I have to worry that she might be allergic to bee stings that can kill her when I’m not even home. Ugh. Bees are the worst.

Hug your animal extra tight tonight. Give ‘em some extra pets and a treat or something, because you never know when some stupid bee is going to come by and ruin everything. At the very least, DeMarcus Cousins will appreciate the notion. We need to stick together in times like these.