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DeMarcus Cousins is listed as 6-foot-11, 270 pounds. That means he was spinning with a centrifugal force of 828 pounds of force, using completely estimated numbers and an internet force calculator. This is the worst episode of SportScience but this is still an incredible play.

Big ups to the NBA for packaging all the game-winning shots together so you can see all the evidence clearly presented and then make an educated decision. Very nice of them.

However, for some reason they didn’t include Isaiah Thomas’ steal and dish to John Salmons in that real, possibly because they fell asleep during the late game. Can’t blame them there.

But now that you’ve seen all of their various game-winning performances, you have a very tough choice to make. Is it Kyrie’s Tyus Edney-ish dash to the rim, Jordan Farmar’s wide-open knockdown, Derrick Rose’s step back and snarl or the Kings’ miracle steal and dish? Hard to choose, but I will present you one additional piece of evidence that might sway your decision. From the AP:

“He picked me up fullcourt and I take it as a test when people pick me up fullcourt,” Irving said. “The lane opened up when I got down there, it was a tough shot, but my teammates willed it in.”

That’s right — Kyrie Irving says he teammates willed in his game-winning shot despite the fact he was the only one who touched the ball on the entire possession. Makes all the sense in the world, and then some. I’d almost consider voting for him just because that statement is so hilariously over-humble. Sure Kyrie, it was definitely Samardo Samuels’ brain who made that go in.

But the choice is yours. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

Sarah Kogod went to last Wednesday’s Wizards-Kings game in D.C. where she encountered a roving band of SuperSonics fans who are rooting for any possible team to move to Seattle. Here’s the story…

From the small crowd at Verizon Center came the usual cheers for the opposing Kings and the less-than-usual cheers for the Wizards. But in this game there was a third cheer coming from the baseline — “GO SONICS!”

A group of fans, small but mighty, stood in the stands in head-to-toe green and yellow Sonics gear. They waved signs and yelled and people wondered if they might be lost. Or confused.

They weren’t. Jeff Lucas, Matt Wright, Alexis Hujar, and Andrea Sklee are on a mission to raise awareness for their cause to bring a team — any team — back to Seattle. Wednesday’s target was the Sacramento Kings.

“There are a couple of teams that might be going to Seattle,” explained Lucas, a D.C. resident originally from Seattle. “We’re here to support Sacramento. Maybe they’ll be the Sonics next year.”

Like the NBA version of the movie “Say Anything,” they stood there all night holding signs above their heads as if they were boom boxes blaring “In Your Eyes” and professed their love for their potential Seattle mate.

“I love the Sonics from back in the Shawn Kemp, Gary Payton and Detlef Schrempf days,” said Wright.  “The good old days.”

It’s not looking good for their courtship with the Kings. Sacramento has until March 1 to come to agreement with the NBA on a new arena and it looks like the city is determined to keep their team. But these four misplaced fans aren’t picky. If the Kings stay in Sacramento they already have their sights set on their next potential relocation target.

“We’re going to check the schedule and see if the Hornets are coming to town,” said Lucas.

If there’s one player in the Rising Stars Challenge that you would have guessed would have the ball dribbled through his legs while playing defense, it probably would have been DeMarcus Cousins. And you probably would have also guessed that Ricky Rubio was the one doing the dribbling. Glad it worked out exactly how we imagined.

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When you’re a professional basketball player named after a Hall of Fame basketball player, you have to imagine that fans are going to notice. Not that it’s happened yet, but if you’re named “Michael Jordan,” you have to expect that some fans are going to get on you if you’re a 10th man averaging three points a game.

The Kings’ Isaiah Thomas knows what I’m talking about. He played his first pro game in Madison Square Garden last night, only to get booed every time he touched the ball, only because that other Isiah Thomas totally ruined the Knicks. Isaiah with an A seemed to take it pretty well though. From ESPN:

“When I used to come to [MSG], I heard them talking about firing Isiah and all that, so I knew something was going to happen,” Thomas said in the visiting team’s post game locker room. “I knew they were going to boo at least once. I didn’t think they were going to boo the whole time, but it is what it is.”

It definitely is what it is, and at least he knew something was coming. For as long as Isaiah Thomas plays basketball, people are going to think of Isiah Thomas. And for as long as this generation of Knicks fans is alive, they’ll think about an Isiah who made their favorite team in to a laughingstock of the NBA. So I guess what I’m saying is, expect a lot of boos when the Kings are in New York.

Unless, of course, Isaiah takes Spike Lee’s advice.

“He grabbed and said, ‘Us little guys got to stick together. But next time you come to New York, just change your name, [laughs]‘” Thomas said.

Great idea. He’s only had this name for 23 years, which isn’t that long. Now is a perfect time to switch things up and make a new name for himself. As long as he stays away from “Stephon Marbury” or “Eddy Curry,” things should work out just fine.

This is what you call relevant content. An NBA player talking about Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day? That’s a no-brainer.

Also, the fact that DeMarcus Cousins and Tas Melas have the exact same musical taste makes things even funnier. Not to mention, DeMarcus Cousins on a white horse with a pocketful of crushed roses singing a song about Twinkies that he wrote with Donte Greene is a pretty stellar image to paint with your mindbrush. Sounds like a beautiful evening.

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I’m not entirely certain that a backup guard with 23 games of experience needs a full-on documentary, but when it’s teaser is a tiny guy backed by The Weeknd you know the internet is going to love it. Really excited for Nate Robinson’s cameo, since every doc needs a little comic relief.

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