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The only thing that could have made this a more effective heckle would be adding something like, “Your mother will be so disappointed when she sees this.” Guilt trips are the worst.

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Great pick, John Hollinger, former ESPN employee. Tough break, John Hollinger, current Grizzlies VP of basketball operations.

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Sure, the Spurs actually won because of Tim Duncan’s innate Tim Duncanness, but they definitely couldn’t have done it without this guy, I guess. Way to go, this guy.

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This is a bit dated, but just ignore the Fabricio Oberto, Michael Finley and Bruce Bowen shoutouts at the end of this mariachi edition of the Spurs’ “Go Spurs Go” and bask in its wonder. I mean, the Spurs are still going for their fifth championship and San Antonio is still very proud and happy for the time, so it still works. Ergo, new old playoff anthem for the Spurs. Love it.

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In his last three sideline interviews, Gregg Popovich has explained how and when the Spurs decide to double team the post, asked for a follow-up question and then this, where he legitimately makes a joke about strategy during a playoff game his team was losing. Either the script done been flipped or this is the end times. Either way, someone hold me.

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You could go an entire postseason without getting a game half as crazy as Monday night’s Spurs-Warriors contest, a double OT affair with countless bizarre plays, swings in momentum, big shots, and even a couple unforgettable broadcast moments. In the case of this year’s postseason, though — which I have to say, is off to an absolutely baller start through one-and-a-third rounds — you only had to go back nine days to another game of comparable lunacy.

Game 4 of Bulls-Nets, the triple OT game in Chicago now known familiary as “The Nate Robinson Game,” seemed for all the world like it would go unchallenged as the single craziest game from the 2013 playoffs. In my article listing the 10 craziest moments from that game — and narrowing it down to 10 was no small feat, mind you — I predicted that “you won’t see a zanier, more entertaining, and in all likelihood, more unforgettable game for the remainder of this postseason … and probably won’t for a couple more to follow, either.” I felt it was a sure bet at the time.

Yet just one series later, and we have a true challenger. Which of these two exhilaratingly surreal and unpredictable basketball contests was truly the weirdest? Let’s break down the qualifications, one by one.

1. More Overtimes: Let’s get this one out of the way first, since it’s important to consider — more overtimes, more time for further twists and turns — but obvious and inarguable: Bulls-Nets went three overtimes, Warriors-Spurs only two. Boring, but worth mentioning.

Advantage: Bulls-Nets

2. Single Biggest Shot Hit in the Game. For Bulls-Nets, this would probably have to be Joe Johnson’s rolling jumper in the lane in the first overtime, forcing the second OT and negating NateRob’s crazy banker (more on that in a minute) that seemed to seal the deal for the Bulls, a shot that totally deflated the Untied Center. For Spurs-Warriors, it’d of course be the Manu Ginobili three-pointer in the second OT with just seconds to go to put the Spurs up two, which had Gregg Popovich Googling how to make huevos rancheros. The Joe Johnson shot was huge but super-anticlimactic, while the Ginobili three seemed like the only way — minus a Steph Curry halfcourt swish — the Spurs-Warriors game should end.

Advantage: Spurs-Warriors

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What? Huh? I am not sure what is going on here, especially because the last time these two met Popovich calmly explained the Spurs’ post defense philosophy and actually gave real answers to Aldridge’s questions. Which is to say, I think something might be wrong with Pop. Someone check to make sure he isn’t a replicant.

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