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From the Kickstarter synopsis for “Jordan Heads”:

Michael Jordan has been retired from the game of basketball for more than 10 years, yet the Air Jordan sneaker still sells in record numbers. It helped make Nike the sneaker juggernaut that it is today, and created a cult following beyond belief.

There are people, known as “Jordan Heads”, who have refrained from buying food just so they can buy a pair of Air Jordan’s. Some have stood on a line for hours, sometimes days or weeks just so they are guaranteed a pair of the shoes before they sell out.

Created & directed by Calvan Fowler & Executive Produced by Actor/ Filmmaker Michael Rapaport, this film tells the story of a cultural craze that knows no boundaries, no race and no economic barriers: the status and appeal of the Air Jordan shoe.

What makes these people do the things they do? How did the Air Jordan shoe become an American and international pop culture icon? This film explores the phenomenon, from ‘the street’ to Wall Street. And why do Jordan Heads of all education and economic levels see their sneakers as such an integral part of their lives? We’ll even consult a psychotherapist to help understand.

Through montage clips & footage of Michael Jordan, and interviews with Jordan Heads & sneaker heads from around the US and abroad (Europe & Asia), “Jordan Heads” delves into the unprecedented world of a subculture within a subculture.

This film is in the can and all we need now are completion funds to finish this great project. Be a part of history and get some neat stuff while you’re at it.

So yes, a documentary about Air Jordans and the people who love them, which is basically the definition of something that is right up my alley, and I’m assuming, also up the alleys of more than a few of you out there. Plus, if you want to get down on the fundraising game, there is quite a bit of “neat stuff” that you could pocket. Anything from stickers to t-shirts to old SLAM magazines to a pair of OG Jordan XX3s, depending on how much you donate (the shoes will cost you just $5,000). Pretty solid combination, Jordan-wise.

Who knows if it’ll be any good, but at least it will exist, and that’s pretty cool in its own right. Not to mention, you will always know deep down inside that you and Michael Rapaport “worked” on the same project once upon a time — he was on “Friends” a couple of times — which will score major points with the true Michael Rapaport fans out there, of which many are probably sneaker heads, so double good.

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Oh, I get it — Lapdance Tuesday is today, so Make It Rain Monday was last night. The Wizards have more theme days than a high school homecoming week.

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I’m kind of scared to see the video when someone breaks the news to Dirk that the Mavericks missed out on Dwight Howard again and that they’ll be starting Monta Ellis next year. “Oh, I guess it’s game day … again … sigh,” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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Tracy McGrady is retiring after 15 NBA seasons, one Chinese Basketball Association season — where McGrady may return in the future — and a pretty sizable “Career highlights and awards” section on Wikipedia. It was a good, slightly sleepy run.

And while many people will remember Tracy for never winning a playoff series when he mattered as a player, his 13 points in 35 seconds or for being Vince Carter’s kinda sorta cousin (but only when they were playing together, since it never gets brought up these days because no one cares and it seemed to be a tenuous connection in the first place), I’m going to choose to think of him as the all-time best at throwing the ball off the glass to himself for a dunk. Anyone can do it in an All-Star Game, but T-Mac did it in real basketball games. That’s awesome and it’s the kind of thing I’m going to tell my kids.

So the next time you see someone throw themselves an off-the-glass self-oop in a real game, just remember Tracy McGrady. For my money, that’s his greatest legacy.

Do you guys remember Jeremy Lin? I sure do. That was an unbelievable month he had before completely vanishing from the NBA landscape, never to be heard from again.

What’s that? He’s on the Rockets? Oh, that’s right. Totally forgot. Cute kid though.

In theaters October 4.

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Slick animation about a guy who wants to win a medal for his home country in an Olympics that takes place in his home country? Yes, please. This is awesome.

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Probably the most depressing thing about the Lakers unveiling their new “Hollywood Nights” black jerseys that are really just a slightly modified on-court version of a Nike faux retro dealie from a few years back, is that seeing this actually enables me, a 29-year-old virile man, to legitimately pull off the whole “In my day” thing. Because seriously, in my day, the Lakers only had two jerseys: purple and gold. There weren’t all these silly white Sunday jerseys or jerseys with sleeves or jerseys with sleeves AND Noche Latina word marks, and there certainly weren’t black alternate jerseys. I mean, the Lakers went from 1966 to 2001 without regularly wearing anything that wasn’t actually their colors, but now they’re just a regular jersey factory like any other team.

And if I really wanted to sell this curmudgeonly old man bit, I’d definitely mention that in my day the Lakers never begged a free agent to stay, then failed, and never ever unveiled a jersey on Instagram. I have the requisite grey hairs to pull this off, so don’t test me.