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In honor of Allen Iverson officially announcing his retirement, someone please finally teach me this move I’ve been trying to learn since sophomore year of high school. It’s been like 15 years and I’m still convinced this move, which was the basis for a commercial plugging his second signature shoe, isn’t actually possible to do without carrying the ball. Willing to pay upwards of $5 to learn.

Nothing reunites a couple more quickly than sharing a little summer schadenfreude at the hands of a fellow NBA player. It’s like Mungo Jerry always said, “In the summer time when the basket is high, you can stretch right up and dunk on a guy, when the weather’s right, you got dunking, you got dunking on your mind.” Or whatever.

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Just when Brandon Knight thought it was safe to lay low and let things blow over, someone has to get DeAndre Jordan to gleefully recreate his dunk over a fake Brandon Knight. Worst year ever.

I guess this is what happens once you’ve spent time in Stephen Jackson’s posse. Real gangsta ish.

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Now that he’s retired, if Grant Hill and Tamia decide to release an entire record full of pop music duets, I’d be quite happy. Hopefully they’d tackle such gems as Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m Real” and Ja Rule and Ashanti’s “Always On Time,” while also maybe mixing in Ja Rule and Christina Milian’s “Between Me and You.” I’m not saying it should be all Ja Rule songs, but that would be a pretty smart financial decision. I’m sure TRL would eat that right up.

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You know, just one of those days you stumble across former NBA center Jim McIlvaine’s personal YouTube account after somehow finding a Facebook album full of pictures of him surfing in Lake Michigan. Weird day, but hopefully you can fix your alternator now.

If you’re an OG internet basketball thug like myself, then you remember the ill-fated “Let Shannon Dunk” campaign and its subsequent botched dunk contest. And if you remember that and watch this clip, you’ll agree that Shannon Brown shouldn’t be left around another dunk contest — even if it is in Latvia, like this latest one was — for the rest of his playing days. Safety first.

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