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Here are Deron Williams’ solid backflip maneuvers.

And here are Nate Robinson’s equally solid backflip maneuvers.

Even though I don’t think anyone’s ever really compared them — except for maybe during last year’s playoffs when Nate was torching the Nets, and everyone was like, “Why is Nate Robinson getting the best of Deron Williams?” — but these couple of clips really illustrate the difference betwixt the two point guards. Deron is super steady flipper who can do every flip in the book in a controlled, calm manner while Nate is literally pushing his kids out of the way so that he can do their moves in the backyard. Apparently it takes a trampoline and some flips to discover the true nature of a point guard. Who knew?

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Between this and yesterday’s McDonald’s contest from 1997, I think we’ve officially reached peak Longley. I don’t think anyone would have expected that to happen 12 years after his retirement, but I don’t think anyone would have guessed he’d miss time while he was playing because he was stung by a scorpion either. But here we are, living in the golden age for Luc Longley commercials from the 90s. Feels great.

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Here is Michael Jordan dunking a basketball at age 50.

And here is Jason Williams throwing an off-the-floor alley-oop during an exhibition game at age 37.

Or, I suppose, this could be your daily reminder that 37 is old in the NBA world, meaning 50 is ancient. And also that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Oh, and of course, that throwing fancy passes will always be slightly cooler than dunking. And finally, that “Air” and “White Chocolate” are two of the best nicknames in NBA history. Lots of reminders to be found here.

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Be right back. Gotta build a real quick time machine so I can go back to 1997, forge Australian passport documents and then hang out with Luc Longley and the rest of the championship Bulls in Chicago. Can’t wait to finally meet Bill Wennington, duh, but also can’t wait to have my first Beef Wennington in almost two decades. Going to be a great trip.

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Finally, the create-a-player that’s 65 million years in the making is here.


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Sometimes it’s good to remember that even though you and I might find Dwight Howard corny and distasteful, moms and grandmas still think he’s the best. And apparently, some grandmas think he’s REALLY the best and can’t help touching his arms. And his thighs. And his glutes. And his shoulders. And his arms again. And maybe some more glutes.

P.S. This is literally someone’s grandma, so imagine if this was your grandma.

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No wonder your dad loves Larry Bird so much. And no wonder your dad is always trying to throw those tricky passes that aren’t really open but sometimes work. It all makes sense now.

Oh, just my dad? OK, never mind.

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