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From the Kickstarter synopsis for “Jordan Heads”:

Michael Jordan has been retired from the game of basketball for more than 10 years, yet the Air Jordan sneaker still sells in record numbers. It helped make Nike the sneaker juggernaut that it is today, and created a cult following beyond belief.

There are people, known as “Jordan Heads”, who have refrained from buying food just so they can buy a pair of Air Jordan’s. Some have stood on a line for hours, sometimes days or weeks just so they are guaranteed a pair of the shoes before they sell out.

Created & directed by Calvan Fowler & Executive Produced by Actor/ Filmmaker Michael Rapaport, this film tells the story of a cultural craze that knows no boundaries, no race and no economic barriers: the status and appeal of the Air Jordan shoe.

What makes these people do the things they do? How did the Air Jordan shoe become an American and international pop culture icon? This film explores the phenomenon, from ‘the street’ to Wall Street. And why do Jordan Heads of all education and economic levels see their sneakers as such an integral part of their lives? We’ll even consult a psychotherapist to help understand.

Through montage clips & footage of Michael Jordan, and interviews with Jordan Heads & sneaker heads from around the US and abroad (Europe & Asia), “Jordan Heads” delves into the unprecedented world of a subculture within a subculture.

This film is in the can and all we need now are completion funds to finish this great project. Be a part of history and get some neat stuff while you’re at it.

So yes, a documentary about Air Jordans and the people who love them, which is basically the definition of something that is right up my alley, and I’m assuming, also up the alleys of more than a few of you out there. Plus, if you want to get down on the fundraising game, there is quite a bit of “neat stuff” that you could pocket. Anything from stickers to t-shirts to old SLAM magazines to a pair of OG Jordan XX3s, depending on how much you donate (the shoes will cost you just $5,000). Pretty solid combination, Jordan-wise.

Who knows if it’ll be any good, but at least it will exist, and that’s pretty cool in its own right. Not to mention, you will always know deep down inside that you and Michael Rapaport “worked” on the same project once upon a time — he was on “Friends” a couple of times — which will score major points with the true Michael Rapaport fans out there, of which many are probably sneaker heads, so double good.

(via SLAM)


Back when Russell Westbrook’s Nike contract was running out, but still before he signed with Jordan Brand, I remember people saying he should sign with adidas because they’d hook him up with some bananas Jeremy Scott gear, who you might remember is the guy who ruffled David Stern’s feathers with his “My Pet Monster”-inspired shackle shoes. That Russell Westbrook stuff obviously never happened, but Scott finally got his hands on a pair of basketball signature shoes and this limited edition version of the adidas D-Rose 3.5 is the result.

Quoth the designer:

“I really wanted to meld my world and Derrick’s world,” said Jeremy Scott. “I used his shoes as a canvas and created the coolest cherubs in the world for this shoe.”

Well, Derrick Rose never actually wore these, what with the torn ACL and the year-long rehabilitation and all that, but still — these are plain white shoes with crazy-looking cherubs on them, so mission accomplished. I joke, but it seems like this vision was definitely carried out as planned.

And I almost hate to say it, but I kind of like these a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think a pair of angel-covered white shoes are the most practical footwear choice, but I can’t help but enjoy the very early-2000s-y look of these. More specifically, they remind me of Pharrell Williams’ pre-Reebok run of Ice Creams, only in a basketball shoe. Maybe you disagree and think these are silly, but I think they’re pretty fun for the summer.

Of course, if you agree with me that these are A-OK, good luck getting them. They’re going to retail for $225, which is right in line with the rest of the Jeremy Scott line, but the tricky part is that they’ll only be releasing at a handful of shops — they are: Bait, Kith, Leaders 1354, Millennium Shoes, Oneness Boutique and Packer Shoes — around the world. That’s the price you have to pay for a pair of designer shoes, I guess. There aren’t a lot of NBA signature shoes that get updated by actual fashion designers, so there’s not much frame of reference, but that certainly seems logical.

That being said, if all of this somehow leads to Derrick Rose being spotted in full cherub tracksuit along the lines of this number, I’m out. No one needs to see that.

More shots after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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You don’t see a lot of signature basketball shoes released in the summer, but then again, you also don’t see a lot of signature basketball shoes that are inspired by watches and come with their own trailer either. Nonetheless, all three of those things are true, as Nike is rolling out Kevin Durant’s sixth signature shoe, the KD VI, in anticipation of their release July 3.


As you might have noticed, those shoes aren’t Oklahoma City Thunder colors. Instead, the colorway that’s being shown off today is based on Durant’s time with the Seat Pleasant Lakers, a club team he played on as a kid. Personally, I’m happy it happened like this because a) I think this edition looks really dope and b) Nike usually releases the KD line with the black version of Durant’s Thunder shoes, which is usually the worst version of any KDs. These ones are awesome, mostly because they look like an Australian soccer shoe. Very good.

Since this is a new Nike signature shoe, they’re updated with all the latest technology that will make them thinner, lighter and more cushioned. And also since they’re a Nike signature shoe, they’re going to be releasing in a bunch of different colorways. But if you don’t like those, they’re already on NikeID, so go nuts.

But it’s not just these that are releasing. No, Kevin Durant is such a big name now that he now gets a streetwear version of his shoes. That’s the first time that’s happened with the KD line, and it seems there are still a few kinks to be ironed out.


I like the idea, I like the colors, I even like the polka dots — but nope. I know the jeans-tucked-in-to-giant-tongues look is big right now, but these just look impractical, stiff and heavy. The actual basketball shoes make up for these, so I’m going to let it slide since this Nike Sportswear version is just a minor release anyways. Let’s just forget I even mentioned it.

But yeah, these are the shoes you’ll see Kevin Durant in all season long, at least until he gets a new playoff shoe. They come out July 3 and retail for $130. There are a few more pictures after the jump, so let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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Or perhaps you would like to see some legit tumbling sneakers.

I have a few questions about this. One, did all of these people — there seems to be about four to six pairs up there — bring spare shoes just to throw at Mike Miller? Or were these shoes being worn immediately prior to being tossed on stage, and now there are a bunch of Shoeless Joe Jacksons running around Miami? Or was this a setup, since as Mike Miller says, those are “all [his] shoes?” If these shoes do indeed belong to fans, did they get them back? And of course, is there any way to avoid George Bush jokes after something like this happens?

This is just the tip of the thrown shoe iceberg.


No big deal, right? Just a low-top version of the LeBron X that some people are calling the “Floral” edition. Seems like a chill off-court shoe to wear with some short pants.

But check out the sockliners.lebron-x-low-2-time-champ


The fix is in. Or Nike might have a massive recall on their hands. Or these are a one-of-one and it won’t be that awkward if LeBron James is the only person who has a pair of his own signature shoes that taunt his failures in the NBA Finals. Or these will sell like hotcakes after the Heat win a second championship. Choose your own ending.

(via Kix and the City)


LeBron James won another MVP, as is tradition, ergo Nike hooked him up with some special MVP shoes, as is tradition. These bad riders are the LeBron X “What the MVP” edition, his fourth such MVP shoe and easily the craziest thing we’ve seen on his feet. Just look at these things.


Maybe I am miscounting, but I see 7,500 different colors on these. There are so many colors that if someone asked you what color they were, you might say purple, but you’d probably say, “All of them, I guess.” And you’d kind of be right. It’s like Nike challenged themselves to make the craziest looking version of this shoe that they possibly could — which is basically true for the Swoosh’s long-running “What The” series that started with some Dunks back in 2007 and which has shown up on shoes for Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and even some one-off versions of LeBron’s last signature shoe that were just for LeBron and his buds — and succeeded. Even the laces are different colors. Even the lace locks are different colors.

After putting on these wild shoes for his celebration, LeBron couldn’t stop looking at them and went 1-6 in the first half of last night’s Game 1 loss to the Chicago Bulls. He promptly changed in to a more sedate pair of the Nike LeBron X Elite and scored 22 of his 24 points after the switch, leading ESPN’s SportsNation to literally ask fans “Was it the shoes?” that led to LeBron’s excellent second half, to which the fans responded, “Nope.” Smart fans.

The shoes will be hitting retail, but Nike’s website has no details other than that they “will be available in limited quantities at select retailers” and that they’re coming out “soon.” Suffice it to say, these are going to be expensive and hard to get your hands on. But on the plus side, if you do, you’re getting like 40 different shoes out of the deal. That’s a lot of bang for the buck, not to mention two different lace locks.

More shots after the jump.

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Not that I think anyone was planning anything, but I wanted to let anyone who was thinking they might want to touch Nate Robinson’s Jordans know that they should reconsider. Why exactly? Because he has a rule in place, should such a thing occur.

From ESPN:

“Michael Jordan was my Hercules, Zeus and Napoleon. When I was 7, my father bought me my first Air Jordans, the VIIs, and I cried right there in the mall. I own maybe 150 Jordans. My rarest of all is the all-yellow IVs. One of the worst days of my life was when my brother, Anthony Stewart, broke in to my closet last summer and wore those IVs before I’d rocked them myself. He even rubbed it in by posting a photo on Instagram. I was like, ‘Oh, hell no!’ Never been so mad. Now I have a rule: You can drive my car, sleep in my bed, use my toothbrush, but if you touch the left side of my shoe closet, the Jordans side, we’ll have problems.”

There are a few conclusions to draw from this. One, I guess we all have free reign to borrow Nate Robinson’s cars, crash at his house and brush our teeth with his toothbrush whenever we want. I’ll definitely take him up on all those things the next time I visit home. Not only will it save on lodging, it’ll be nice to have a car to cruise around in, plus I don’t have to worry about forgetting my toothbrush. Thanks, Nate. Two, I guess we finally know what made Lil’ Nate so mad during that Knicks-Nuggets fight from a few years ago — J.R. Smith must have tried on one of his Jordans without asking at some point. It’s nice to finally solve that mystery. Three, Nate Robinson does indeed consider Napoleon a hero, which is perfect.

So yeah, don’t even think about trying to touch any of Nate Robinson’s Jordans. You don’t want to end up getting punched in the knee, do you? No, you don’t. It really hurts.

(via Nice Kicks)