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We’ve read the emails: “Hey guys, I talk exclusively in TBJ drops, but I’m tired of the old ones. Can you make another soundboard?”

Our answer? Somewhere between “We don’t know!” and “You sound insane!”

Then, the Playoffs hit and we knew it was time for everyone to step their drop game up. With that in mind, we proudly present The Basketball Jones Soundboard, V2.0.

Like Monta Ellis, this soundboard has it all. But be careful — ees a SPICCCY one!

As any real TBJ fan knows, the best part about “The Fix” or “The Overdose” isn’t the basketball talk, comedy, or even the odd inspirational quote. No, no. It’s the drops, baby. Sweet, sweet Matty O/JD drops.

Which is why we’re proud to present to you, our loyal TBJ soldier …

The Basketball Jones first ever interactive soundboard, featuring 15 of your favorite podcast gems.

From the soul-crushing “Cool story, bro,” to the Aussie’s “What a card!” to Kenny Smith’s now infamous “Gimme some Raptor news!” They’re all there. So click on over and say goodbye to the rest of your day.

Hell, you can even download the drops as .mp3′s if you’re fancy like that.

It’s The Basketball Jones soundboard.

Best. Christmas. Ever.