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It’s been more than nine years since Gary Payton played his last game for the now-defunct Seattle SuperSonics, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to get a Gary Payton Sonics tattoo. Or any Gary Payton tattoo, really. As we all know, it’s always the right time for a GPT (Gary Payton tattoo).

Anyhow, this is an actual Gary Payton tattoo on the actual torso of an actual grownup human female. The work is pretty exquisite because I think we can all agree that that Gary Payton tattoo actually looks like Gary Payton. That doesn’t always happen with tattoos of people, but this one even accurately displays that pointy back part on The Glove’s skull, so kudos to the artist who inked this.

It’s just too bad GP never really had a signature move or pose because this kind of looks like he’s just exasperated from looking at this lady’s nipple. Seems to me, Tattoo Gary is like “Ugh, more nipple? Come on, lady. Let me see some shoulder or something.” Anything but nipple again.” Certainly understandable, but I’d like to have seen him in a defensive crouch or doing one of those weird lunging karate-kick layups he was famous for — not to mention, the green and yellow jerseys are way better than the green and bronzish orange the late-90s Sonics wore — but it’s not my body. If this woman wanted Sighing Gary, then I’m sure she’s very happy with how things turned out because this looks great.

Also, cool fingernails.

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“I like tattoos, but not on myself. On white guys, they stand out too much. On black players, they look good.”
Linas Kleiza, who must hate Chris Andersen’s look

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Birdman peacocks for PETA

Let’s see here. Chris Andersen is covered in tattoos, has a giant mohawk and is affiliated with the world’s most famous animal rights group. On second thought, maybe Kevin Durant is right about that whole hipster thing.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have the necessary forensic tools to determine whether or not J.R. Smith’s tattooed skin surface area now exceeds his non-tattooed skin surface area, or else I’d be able to definitively answer this question. Sorry, guys.

That being said, it looks like his tattoos are starting to pile on top of each other. That Jordan jersey hanging from his sternum rafters, Jumpman logo and pair of Air Jordan IIs looks like they just went right over the top of some previously existing tattoos. Leads me to believe he’s running out of space.

Someday, tattoo recognition software will advance to a place where we can know the true answer to important riddles like this one. Until then, we’ll just have to speculate and admire the pain tolerance necessary to sit through all of these.

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True love is getting a miniature version of your child’s father’s back tattoo on your throat even though he doesn’t wear that number any more. Full-size, more cleavage-y pic after the jump.

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I have to imagine that there aren’t too many times you can actually use a finger mustache tattoo. But it looks like after throwing down a dunk in a charity basketball game at your alma mater is a pretty good reason to ‘stache things up. In fact, I’d argue it’s one of the best times to do such a thing. If you have a finger mustache tattoo, after a dunk is the perfect time. It’s in the finger mustache handbook that everyone gets after they get the tattoo.

Basically what I’m saying is — step your finger mustache tattoo game up, Chris Andersen.

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“Gotta watch my back for these snakes & fakes out here”Matt Barnes, who probably loves that song from the Geico commercials