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While we got our first real glimpse at Kevin Durant’s ink during the playoffs, it looks like he’s been logging some serious hours in the tattoo shop during these summer months. With all of the traveling he’s been doing to play at every streetball court known to man, he’s been using his down time to get some pretty elaborate pieces finished.

Last night, @TattoosByRandy tweeted these photos of the work he had finished on Durant’s back. Below the words Maryland is an angel holding a basketball with hands signaling a 3 and 5 on either side. Durant wears No. 35 for his former AAU coach Charles Craig who was shot and killed on April 30th, 2005 at the age of 35.

It’s definitely a huge tattoo, but it’s one filled with a lot of meaning. From his coach to his hometown, Durant continues to make it clear that he isn’t about to forget where he came from or who helped him get to where he is today.
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Chris Bosh is just one of the players who has been in China with Nike Basketball for the past week. Yesterday, he tweeted a link to a video on his WhoSay account of a fan in China asking him about that massive back tattoo that has been a work in progress over the past two seasons.

Check the video, but here’s what Bosh had to say about his sizable back piece.

Bosh: I mean it’s ummm … I like art. You know, so it was pretty much just a collage of everything that I like and a lot of it, all of it has meaning. A lot of history. My history, it’s my history. Everything has, you know … it’s not done yet. It’s a work in progress, so people are “Ohh, what’s that? It’s ugly.”

Interviewer: Is there a little spot open for the NBA championship trophy?

Bosh: Yeah, I mean, it worked for Jason Terry. I might as well do it too.

Nice. I enjoy the joke about Terry. However, I do have to ask, what part of his history does the skull-eating woman represent? I know he’s recently been in court over this “Basketball Wives” drama with his ex, but damn. I wouldn’t wish skull-eating women on anyone.

About a year ago, Chris Bosh started the first stages of his back tattoo, going with some sort of theme that involves a craggly tree, Nordic imagery, music notes and a panther. Your guess is as good as mine on that combination. This summer, he got some more added to his back, sitting for hours and hours over the course of three days in Anguilla.

That brings his total time spent on his back tattoo to 40 hours, with another 20 or so to come. That’s two-and-a-half days worth of tattooing, you guys. Extravagant business tattoos take time. The full thing is above, and the detail is right here.

On the left, there are some Roman ruins. I’m guessing that’s because “Rome wasn’t built in a day,” or something like that. On the right, there is a woman eating a skull. Guessing again, but I’d surmise that’s because skulls are delicious. A little grainy, sure, but full of protein.

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This guy’s leg tattoo thinks people need to lay off this guy’s leg tattoo.

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Just like a lot of NBA players, Kevin Durant has a chest and stomach covered in tattoos. Just like a lot of NBA fans, none of Durant’s tattoos are visible if he’s wearing the clothes he normally wears to work. This is the concept of business tattoos in its purest form.

And, as the Oklahoman found out, it’s no accident.

Some have described the placement as “business tattoos,” meaning one of the league’s rising stars isn’t jeopardizing his marketability by marking up his limbs. The truth is that’s precisely what Durant has done. He’s strategically stained his skin only in areas where companies and consumers could never spot his growing mural of body art.

Durant confirmed the deliberate placement of his designs following a practice in early May when the Thunder was in a Western Conference semifinals series with Memphis. A day earlier on Twitter, I had verified a reader’s query as to whether the images on Durant’s chest from a previous photo were real. It sparked shock among my “followers” and led to a series of subsequent questions.

Within minutes, the social networking conversation had made its way to Durant, who happened to be live streaming a recording session from his in-home music studio. Durant immediately checked his phone on the broadcast and told viewers he does indeed have tattoos before adding, “so what?”

“So what?” is right. He’s not the first guy to have a chest plate covered in tattoos, and he sure won’t be the last. It’s just funny that an NBA player, usually the kind of guy who doesn’t care if he has visible ink, would have the same concerns as some workaday dude who you didn’t realize had a gigantic wolf tatted on his bicep until he wears a polo shirt to the company picnic.

Back in the day, Kobe Bryant’s arms were tattooless, and now he’s covered in pieces you can barely see. Maybe Kevin Durant will do the same thing, but for now he’s content to keep his tattoos hidden because it’s better for business, just like you and me and your best friend’s wife who has tattoos that are easily concealed by a swimsuit so that her dad won’t see. Outside of his prodigious basketball talent and immense wealth, he’s one of us.

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A professional basketball player cramming a body’s worth of ink in to a jersey-shaped swath of skin so that he maintains his nice guy marketability is the epitome of business tattoos. Too funny. Gotta stay family-friendly.

If Kevin Durant got these “Thunder Thighs” tattoos, they’d wrap all the way around his legs. If Russell Westbrook got ‘em, they’d be criticized for not being big enough, but also for being too big. If this was Nick Collison, they’d be very sweaty.

I can keep going if you want. Just let me know. The Byron Mullens zing is hilarious.

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