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Before the start of our “No Season Required” podcast in New York, writer, comedian, and actor, Amir Blumenfeld, lets us know his favorite Laker of all-time, the most random NBA jersey they’ve ever posted on Straight Cash Homey Dot Net, and the Jake and Amir of “NBA Jam.”

After nine cities, 12 flights, and 10,000 farts, The Basketball Jones wraps up the “No Season Required” tour.

Yes, on today’s FINAL SHOW OF THE TOUR, we’re joined by lead singer of The Sheepdogs, Ewan Currie, to discuss: How his band ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone, piano bars, the laws of checking in on Facebook, dressing like a cowboy, the dickishness of Kareem Abdul Jabbar, and much, much more.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our live shows. You guys are awesome!

Previous shows: Chicago, Portland, Oakland, Los Angeles, OKC, San Antonio, Miami, New York and Boston.


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You’ve played H-O-R-S-E. Who hasn’t? But have you ever played EXTREME H-O-R-S-E? * Wuwee-wuwee-wuuuuu! Wah-wah-wah! * Check out this sneak peek before it’s added to this year’s NBA All-Star festivities.

It’s all over. The tour is done. Back to wives, pets, and not having the valet bring the car out front. But before we wrap it all up in Toronto this Friday, let’s take a deeper look in to the numbers from the past 34 days.

Longest distance traveled by a fan:

Paul W. and Nicole B. — 6 hours from Vancouver, BC, to Portland, OR.

Runner-up: Colin Z — 5 hours from Dallas, TX, to San Antonio, TX.

Of the nine cities, subjective ranking in terms of how much the fans we met missed the NBA:

1) Portland 2) Oklahoma City 3) Chicago 4) New York 5) San Antonio 6) Oakland 7) Boston 8) Los Angeles 9) Miami

Number of videos produced: 17

Number of TBJ members wearing plaid at live shows (of the five regular TBJ’ers):

Chicago — 2 of 5, Portland — 1 of 5, Oakland — 4 of 5, LA — 5 of 5, OKC — 2 of 5, San Antonio — 4 of 5, Miami — 2 of 5, NYC — 1 of 5, Boston — 0 of 5. (Average: 2.37 of 5)

Total penis references made during live shows: 24

Number of days Scotch and Soda (Trey and Tas) had rooms serviced by housekeeping: 11 of 34

Number of times Mr. Saxobeat was played in Scotch and Soda’s room: 24

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While in New York, Yahoo! Sports columnist and frequent breaker of insider NBA information, Adrian Wojnarowski, shared his post-lockout thoughts with Tas. Do enjoy.

We just spent 34 days on the road. We were bound to like some things more than others. Here are our favorite things from the No Season Required tour. Feel free to chime in in the comments.

Favorite City

Skeets: Portland

Tas: Portland

Trey: San Antonio

Matt: San Antonio

JD: New York City

Leigh: All of ‘em

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This is it. The end. Here’s the final installment of our tour diary, which fittingly starts with a drink named after the tour’s namesake.

Of course, this led to Matt trying to come up with a new subtitle for the drink, which our waitress, Jo, really loved.

They shook on it, so expect to see these new menus in production sometime in the never going to happen near future.

The next day we flew out on our final flight of the tour, from Boston to Toronto.

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