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While in Oklahoma City, Skeets and Tas hit the streets to find out how Thunder fans felt about the news of the team they love movin’ back to Seattle. Oh, you hadn’t heard either? Try and keep up, man!

Let’s make this quick because we all have important things to do and lives to lead.

As far as days in New York City go, yesterday was pretty tame. A little breakfast at Penelope’s, a little work at the hotel, a little trip to the tiny of slice of Japan that is Uniqlo, a little checking out the venue for tonight’s show, and then a long, long night of not-particularly-funny comedy at the Comedy Cellar where you don’t even really need to tell jokes to get stage time from the looks of things.

Like I said, nothing mind-blowing. Just a bit of this and a bit of that. Until, that is, we saw this guy when we were headed home from a late night stop at the Spotted Pig.

Yes, that’s a man using a pay phone in the year 2011. It’s stupefying, innit? Just try to imagine the confluence of events that had to take place for this to even happen.

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Who killed the NBA season? Last Wednesday, this was a very valid question to ask, so we sent Miami’s top investigator to crack the case. In a shocking twist ending, it turns out the NBA had merely faked its own death. I guess you could say, basketball’s … *puts on sunglasses* … bouncin’ back. YEEEEAAAHHHH!

No use beating around the bush with you guys — spending Thanksgiving in Miami with some TBJ WAGs is pretty OK. In the middle of a month long tour of the United States, a chillaxing respite from the drudgery of the road was nice.

That being said, Thanksgiving in Miami is about as weird as you’d think. We’re talking spending the day on the beach watching people trying to learn how to be Tom Cruise in “Cocktail.”

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Just kidding. No recap today.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We did. Talk to you guys Monday.

Like a ragtag jug band, The Basketball Jones is on the road and coming to your town. It’s No Season Required.

On today’s show, we empty the tour mailbag and answer your questions about: Our new nicknames, competitive Scattegories, how we picked the cities for “No Season Required,” Trey’s diet soda addiction, suicidal birds, first dates, and much, much more. And, hey, Happy Thanksgiving, America! Today, we’re thankful you let us tour your country for what’s been an amazing month. You’re the best. Never change.

Next stop: Nov. 29, New York.

And, hey, don’t forget to listen to our previous shows in Chicago, Portland, Oakland, LA, OKC and San Antonio.


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We did it, you guys. Yes. We. Did.

No, not a preseason championship parade, but our first — and last — No Season Required show without a guest. Mission accomplished?

Anyway, before that, we hit the streets for the most strenuous video shoot ever.

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