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It’s not a big deal, but just so you guys know, coaches are in touch with Vinny Del Negro on the regular. Like don’t even worry about it, because they totally are texting him and stuff all the time.

From Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

As Del Negro shoveled some popcorn into his mouth, he unearthed his BlackBerry out of his pocket. He squinted at the screen, held it up and said, “Fifty-two [text] messages. I bet there are five pro coaches in here.” [...]

He started to scroll the messages, and there was a congratulatory text from Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle. “Rick always calls me … and Doc [Rivers] … And Pop … ”

He thinks for a moment. “And Mike Fratello, he calls.” [...]

“They’ll talk to me,” Del Negro said. “That’s what coaches do.”

For as much of a joke as Vinny Del Negro has been throughout his coaching career, he did a great job in the Clippers’ first round series. Well, relatively great, as there were still times when Vinny made obvious mistakes — not playing Chris Paul until Chris Paul insisted on being put back in, calling timeouts that allowed the Grizzlies defense to set things up when everything would have worked out fine for the Clippers if they had just kept going, playing Chris Paul after being told by trainers that he should be out of the game — but he was still a bit better than Lionel Hollins. And hey, that might have been enough to win the Clippers the series, which is unfathomable to even consider.

And that’s why everyone is calling him, because he’s a real coach. He’s got a Blackberry and people just like to check in from time to time. Maybe it’s a call or an email or just a funny picture that Gregg Popovich saw when he was in the supermarket, but these guys definitely get in touch with Vinny Del Negro pretty regularly. He’s got a great data plan and unlimited texting, so it’s nothing to worry about. He can expense the bill, no problem.

Just as long as we all know that Vinny Del Negro has buddies in the NBA, it’s cool. Hit him up whenever, 281-330-8004. He’ll pick up if he can, but he’s kind of busy with prepping for this second round series, so leave a voicemail. He’ll get back to you.

When you are a famous multimillionaire basketball player flying from New Orleans to San Antonio, what better way to pass the time than Skyping with a bunch of fans? Sure, you can probably come up with 100 things better than that — including but not limited to high stakes bourré, sleeping, playing PlayStation Vita, taking pictures of your teammates sleeping, Instagramming your shoes, writing rap lyrics and eating various cuts of beef — but that is why you are not Metta World Peace.

As you can see above, Metta spent the flight chatting with a bunch of fans over the internet. It really happened, thanks to this little message on his Twitter.

Who wants to Skype me tonight… I’m skyping two males and 4 females. Five mins each…, Skype-”Theronandmettashow “

Once he put that schizophrenic handle online, a bunch of people called. Judging by the taped conversation from Jennifer Garcia, it was totally worth it. Between losing signal because MWP was traveling at 30,000 feet, MWP telling people to tweet their conversations to prove it’s real and the squealing, I’d even say it was more than worth it if you’re one of the two males and three other females who got through to Metdawg.

Of course, this does beg the question — If you could talk to Metta World Peace for five minutes, what would you say? Sure, you probably wouldn’t actually be able to ask him any questions because he’d be telling you to record this conversation with different technologies, but it’s still an interesting question. I’d probably just ask him where he gets his ideas, but I’d love to hear your suggestions.

All these years later, Jerry Sloan still doesn’t know how to use his phone. Can someone please show him how to check his voicemail? Deron Williams has something he wants to say.

(via SLC Dunk)

Remember “The Decision” and how everybody thought it was the worst thing of all-time and LeBron James was the worst person ever and we all hate him because of it? Of course you do. You hate him so much, you hater.

Now there’s another new Heat small forward who did his own version of “The Decision,” only on a much smaller scale. Oh, and also on the internet.

Here’s Shane Battier, tweeting his heart out, wanting you to love him:

This was a exciting process and after much deliberation, I would like to quote the great poet Jimmy Buffett and take my chances “Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season” [...]

The Lockout gave me a lots of time to consider what was important to me at this stage of my life and career. Over the last week, I’ve played out every scenario in my head over and over. It always came back to one thing for me: a winning role. I am appreciative of all the kind words and recruiting pitches over the last week, thank you!! [...]

Down. [...]

In. [...]

Miami! [...]

Let’s Go #Heat!!!!!

Between the Jimmy Buffett quote and the fact that it happened with long messages on Twitter like he doesn’t really understand how the service is supposed to work, this feels like how your dad would announce where he’s going to go get a burger after work. He’d make it all jokey and try to refer to LeBron’s television special and everybody would sort of laugh at how corny it is. Way to go, Shane Daddier. (Sorry.)

Not to mention, adding Battier is a great pickup for the Heat. I think we can all agree that a guy who doesn’t force shots, knocks down open threes and plays very good defense is a solid addition to any team, not to mention one that is contending for a championship. It’s not terribly surprising that Shane Battier would try to grab a ring with the Heat, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good signing.

It was just a few years ago that Kevin Love accidentally broke the news that Kevin McHale was going to be fired as head coach of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now we’ve got players acting like dads while announcing their next contracts. I am not sure if that’s an improvement, but at least we get to see what kind of people actually buy Jimmy Buffett records.

“Any FEMALES want to #Skype”Kenneth Faried, who really wants you to accept his contact request

OK, admittedly that is a hard question. Probably not easy to answer, even if you are the world’s most advanced voice recognition software. Searching the web won’t help though. Trust me on that one.

Let’s try something easier.

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This has presumably been making the Interweb rounds, but I was introduced to this clip by @Daoud_S. It’s a 38-year-old Bill Gates showing Connie Chung that he can jump over an office chair. He catches some pretty good air for an über-nerd. Almost Josh Smith-ish.

If we ever get to watch another slam dunk contest, I really hope somebody recreates this moment with the full outfit, glasses and everything. I’ll expect a higher chair, of course.