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Ballin: LeBron James put up 37 points, 12 rebounds, four assists, two steals and four turnovers while being named Finals MVP and becoming only the third player ever — alongside NBA nobodies Bill Russell and Michael Jordan — to win back-to-back MVPs and titles in the same years, so probably him. Kind of concerned about the no blocks though. Might need to work on that this summer.

Not so much: This amazing NBA season is over. We all lost just a little bit.

Got it: I wouldn’t say this LeBron James jumper iced the game for the Heat since some more wacky stuff was still to come, but it definitely put the Spurs on life support, which is shockingly not a “those guys are old” joke.

Remember when LeBron James couldn’t shoot jumpers? Those were the days. Now he’s being asked after Finals games if he’s unstoppable when making his jump shot, then being able to honestly respond, “I am.”

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Ballin: There were certainly some great lines last night — for instance, LeBron’s 32-10-11 triple-double and Tim Duncan’s 30-17 throwback performance — but let’s just all admit that the entirety of last night’s fourth quarter and overtime was the best thing of the night.

Not so much: I hate to nitpick during the Game of the Year, but there were some people who really dropped the ball last night. Those people? Anyone who left American Airlines Arena early because they thought there was no way the Heat could close a five-point lead in 28 seconds.

Speaking of: About those last 28 seconds…

There are certain times when trying to analyze a portion of a game is totally pointless because what happens can’t really be explained and just, well, happened. One of those times is when Chris Bosh grabs the biggest rebound of the season and then hits Ray Allen for a game-tying, season-saving three-pointer after Ray has sprinted backwards to the corner and set his feet for maybe a millisecond. Kind of unexplainable.

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Ballin: Danny Green made another six three-pointers on his way to 24 points in the Spurs’ big Game 5 win. He’s now made 25 in the series, passing Ray Allen’s record of 22 over the course of six games back in 2008, which is the second-craziest thing you’ll read in this paragraph. The first is that Danny Green would be Finals MVP if the Spurs were to win the title.

Not so much: Chario Malmers and Corris Nole went a combined 2-11 from the field for a whopping seven points between them. They also took turns getting worked by Tony Parker, to the tune of a game-high 26 points, just to make sure they were an equally big disaster on both sides of the court.

Gotta catch ‘em all: Hey shooting fans, here is every one of Danny Green’s record 25 threes.

I don’t know if you were keeping track in your head, but you might have noticed that Green tied Ray Allen’s record while shooting over Ray Allen. Pretty cool tribute.

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Ballin: The Heat’s Big Three combined to score 85 points in their Game 4 win. The Spurs’ Big Everyone That Played scored 93. That’ll do it.

Not so much: Which is worse — that Manu Ginobili took just five shots last night or that he only made one of them? Here’s a hint: the answer is both. Just two assists and two rebounds for Manu, who had as many points (5) as fouls (4) and turnovers (1) combined. Get going, bro.

Like street meat: This is probably the best one-game block highlight package you’ll ever see.

Seven blocks on the night for the Heat, which is why that thing seems like it’s never going to end. I mean, Mike Miller shows up to block a shot — he has, literally, 12 blocks total in the past three seasons — and it actually looks pretty cool. That’s how insane the blocked shots were for the Heat last night.

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Ballin: At first I was like, “This is the Gary Neal game,” because he went 6-10 from three and scored 24 points. But then Danny Green scored 27 on 9-15 shooting, including 7-9 from three, and now I don’t know what to do. Help.

Not so much: Take out the seven straight points on three made shots that LeBron James had at the end of the fourth quarter and you’re left with eight points on 4-18 shooting. Bill Simmons would make an “Almost Finals MVP worthy joke,” but that’s probably still going to end up happening so let’s move on.

Bangarang: Do you like threes? So do the Spurs. Here are all 16, an NBA Finals record by the way, that they hit last night.

16-32 on the night for the Spurs, which would have been even better if their scrubs hadn’t gone 0-2 from deep in their garbage time minutes.

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Ballin: Mario Chalmers was Game 2′s leading scorer, as he poured in 19 points on 6-12 shooting. And since there were no really Drop Dead Fred lines on the evening, and because you’d never expect Mario Chalmers to lead an NBA Finals game in scoring when there are seven Hall of Famers playing, let’s shout him out. Shoutout.

Not so much: Tony Parker’s 5-15 line, including five assists and five turnovers, was pretty wack. But Manu Ginobili’s five points on 2-6 shooting, plus three turnovers and another seeming 15 plays where he just could not hold on to the ball, made him even worse. I mean, both of these guys combined were outplayed by Mario Chalmers, so yikes.

Elevators: Me and you, LeBron and Tiago too. Rollin’ down the lane to dunk. Gettin’ up fast to block.

Can Tiago Splitter not palm the ball? He’s listed at 6-foot-11 but in the replays you can see him pulling the ol’ Steve Francis hand-on-top-of-the-ball move. Either way, not sure that dunk was getting through even if he could hold on to the ball. Incredible block. RIP Tiago Splitter.

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Ballin: LeBron James had 18 rebounds and a triple-double, Tim Duncan had 20 and 14 and Tony Parker went for 21 points and six assists with no turnovers. However, the most impressive thing of the night was that the Spurs turned the ball over a grand total of four times while playing their first Finals game after a 63-week layoff. (Miami had four turnovers going in to the fourth quarter, and ended up with eight, which is a huge reason why this was one of the cleanest-played games of the playoffs thus far.)

Not so much: Chris Bosh went 0-4 from three last night –and 5-8 from midrange, where he’s one of the best in the league — which is already the fourth time he’s shot that many threes in a game during this year’s postseason. Before that, he’d shot that many in a game just once in his entire career.

Sweet River Baines: This shot by Tony Parker. Come on.

Just your run of the mill leaning banker that touches every part of the rim and barely beats the buzzer after taking a knee and still keeping a dribble going. Basic stuff.

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