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Things of Note for May 3, 2013


Ballin: It’s not weird that 21 rebounds is Andrew Bogut’s career playoff high, because that’s a lot of rebounds. It is weird, however, that 14 points is the most he’s ever scored in a postseason game because even Toney Douglas has scored 14 points in a playoff game. But Bogut did both of those last night, while adding five blocks, in the Warriors’ closeout Game 6 victory.

Not so much: Well, at least Corey Brewer didn’t go 1-11 from the floor again. Unfortunately for the Nuggs, he did go 1-8 and miss one open shot so badly that it got stuck in the rim, so not too much better really.

Yeezy taught me: Kris Humphries and boisterous personalities from Chicago-based people just don’t mix.

This was not the only sick thing Nate did on the evening.

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Things of Note for May 2, 2013


Ballin: Through the first four games of the Rockets’ first round series with the Thunder, James Harden had made four threes in 25 attempts. Last night, in Houston’s big win to take things back home for a Game 6, Harden hit his first seven threes on the way to 31 points. Beardo also added eight rebounds and three assists, while turning the ball over just three times despite handling it a ton. Good stuff.

Not so much: J.R. Smith backed up all his trash talk with a trash game, going 3-14 from the field while not making a shot until there was only three-ish minutes left in the fourth quarter. Must have been too busy thinking about golf.

Wanker: Here’s another good choice for Not So Much — Jordan Crawford, who didn’t play a minute in Game 5 and then started talking trash to the Knicks.

Pretty easy to see what Jordan Crawford said and therefore pretty easy to see why the Knicks were so mad. Game 6 should be wild.

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Things of Note for May 1, 2013


Ballin: Just because his line came in an elimination game his team needed to win to continue playing, let’s give a little shine to Andre Iguodala’s 25-12-7 in Denver’s big Game 5 win. Somewhat amazingly, that is both his fourth-highest point total and second-highest rebound total of the season. Also, sometimes when I try to type “just” it comes out “Judy,” and not just because of autocorrect.

Not so much: Chris Paul had 35 points on 11-24 shooting. The other four Clippers starters had 18 on 8-21 shooting. Additionally, Matt Barnes led the team in rebounding, so guess who won. (P.S. It was the Grizzlies.)

Dyspepsia at the Pepsia: Here’s something you probably never thought you’d see — Stephen Curry getting in to an altercation with a fan.

To be honest, I’d think that Stephen Curry (6-foot-3, 111 lbs.) versus any random grownup NBA fan could be a pretty evenly matched fight. I’d probably take Steph because of his guaranteed speed advantage but I’m sure that could be negated by some solid bro strength that comes from carrying cases of Coors Light.

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Ballin: 27 points, 10 rebounds, eight assists, a block and three turnovers for Handsome Chandler Parsons, who is a little too busy with basketball to fist bump you, bro. He’s got a series to not get eliminated from and a beautiful head full of hair to fix, so maybe chill with the fists.

Not so much: Houston’s giant, defense-first center Omer Asik went for 17 points, 14 rebounds and a block while playing nearly 38 minutes in a small ball game because he was showing out. Oklahoma City’s giant, defense-first center Kendrick Perkins was 0-1, scored zero points, grabbed one rebounds and had four turnovers while playing just nine minutes because look at that line.

Sadness, thy name is Serge: Al Pacino once said that life is a game of inches. And a t-shirt once said basketball is life and that the rest is just details. Ergo, transitive property says basketball is a game of inches. And that’s why Serge Ibaka is so sad bones about this.

Tough break for the Thunder, but I’m glad we’re getting another one of these games tomorrow night. On to other matchups.

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Ballin: Box score data says Stephen Curry only made 10 of 16 shots and six of his 11 three-point attempts on his way to 31 points in the Warriors’ big Game 4 win, but that really doesn’t seem right. Because I could swear that when he wasn’t passing (seven assists), he was making every shot he took while taking every shot for Golden State and making sure that they were threes. 31 and seven is a great line, but I seriously thought he had like 65 and 16.

Not so much: Dwight Howard finished with seven points and eight rebounds in the Lakers’ mercifully season-ending loss to the Spurs. And if you’re wondering why those numbers are so low, it’s because Dwigt spent the past 22 minutes of the game in the locker room after getting his second technical foul of the afternoon two minutes in to the second half. Really smart.

H.G. Wells: Shoutout to time machines, because I have no idea where this Andrew Bogut dunk came from. went for 12 points, four rebounds and two blocks in the last night’s first half before doing absolutely nothing in the second where the only stats he tallied were a single rebound and a single turnover. Doesn’t matter though, because he had this dunk and another one and another one and they were all cool and he generally looked better than he has in three years and it was neat.

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Ballin: Zach Randolph scored just about the grimiest 27 points you’ll ever see, leading the Grizzlies to a had-to-have-it Game 3 win in Memphis. Z-Bo also grabbed 11 rebounds (six offensive) and I even saw him jump on one of them. It was nearly as unsettling as seeing Randolph in a nice, well-fitted suit in postgame interviews. Too weird.

Not so much: He still had 11 assists and nine rebounds, his team still won fairly easily on the road by 13 points, but Dwyane Wade did go 1-12 from the field last night, the worst playoff shooting performance of his career, so let’s have a quick laugh. Ha.

#Respect: Taj Gibson is always good for at least one mammoth postseason dunk. Last night, Kris Humphries found that out the hard way.

Can you even imagine how much Carlos Boozer would yell if he ever threw down a dunk like this? The sound barrier would shatter in a second, no doubt about it.

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Ballin: Pretty cool that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook each scored exactly 29 points in last night’s Game 2 win — they also added a combined nine rebounds, 13 assists, four steals, a block and five turnovers — but Russell took one more shot, so let’s be super mad at him about it.

Not so much: If you are a Laker guard named Steve, last night was not your favorite. Messrs. Nash and Blake scored 25 combined points on 23 combined shots, which is fine, but they also both hurt their hamstrings during the loss. Nash is getting another epidural and Blake is getting an ultrasound on his today, because apparently the only way to fix injured hamstrings is with technologies associated with pregnancies. Congratulations on the leg babies, Steves.

Oops: This is what happens when Antawn Jamison guards an opponent who can move.

16 points on 8-12 shooting, seven rebounds, a block and a single turnover for Kawhi Leonard. He also had a nice lefty dunk because he’s very good.

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