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Trust me, I know that sounds like a silly question. Because, duh, everybody has heard of clocks. I don’t know if I’ve ever met a human older than five who doesn’t know what a clock is, and most of them know how to read them. Clocks are pretty well known at this point.

But I still have to ask if Tobias Harris has ever heard of them because of what he posted on Twitter.

We all wish we could control the time on our naps

I mean, yeah, I guess we do all wish we could control the time on our naps. But that’s why we have alarm clocks or iPhone timers or someone nearby that we can ask to wake us up in 15 minutes so we don’t sleep too long. There are a whole bunch of ways to control the time on your naps, but I’m of the mind that clocks are the No. 1 way to do it.

So the next time someone sees Tobias Harris — he plays for the Milwaukee Bucks, but I’m sure you knew that — let him know about clocks. They’re pretty cool and very good for controlling the time on your naps. I think he’ll appreciate the information, since it seems like he’s spent way too much of his life napping.

(via BDL)