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See tiers 1-5. See tiers 6-10. Read tiers 11-15 below.

NOTE: The number in parentheses is an actual rank number, but is used loosely to help you decide within the tier. However, all players within tiers basically have the same value. All stats are from last season, unless otherwise specified.

Tier Eleven — David Lee (43), Anthony Davis (44), Chris Bosh (45)

In this tier we have a trio of power forwards masquerading as centers, or who could at least conceivably be center-eligible.

Lee has maintained center-eligibility for the past several seasons and has always been a great addition to any fantasy basketball team because of his ability to score (20.1) and rebound (9.6), although he doesn’t block shots (0.4) the way you’d want from your center position.

It’s quite the opposite with Davis, however, when it comes to blocks. In his lone Player of the Year college basketball season, Davis averaged 4.7 rejections playing the five for Kentucky, and while he may not be as prolific in the NBA, the swats will surely come. Also expect a potential double-double season straight out of the gate.

It’s rumored that Bosh will play center for the Miami Heat with LeBron James sliding over to the four at times, so a possible return to a 20-10 campaign is possible. Although last season’s numbers (18.0 points and 7.9 rebounds) would still be a welcome addition from any fantasy basketball team’s center position. Very good shooting percentages (48.7 FG% and 82.1 FT%) make up for a lack of blocks (0.8).

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I’m glad we’re all getting a chance to watch this in the morning because that way we have an entire day to get these terrifying images out of our head and be able to sleep tonight. Do. Not. Like.

Sorry, Australians. You’re just going to have to power through. Maybe take an Ambien or something.

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but I have some bad news for you guys regarding Tony Parker’s hilarious goggles. From Sekou Smith:

So much for those goggles. Parker just smashed them on the floor.

Serious bummer. I’m going to miss those goggles, just like I’m sure the rest of you will.

But let’s not wallow in our sadness. Let’s remember the good times.

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