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Never forget what Kevin Garnett told us so many years ago — anything is possible. Even slow as beans, heavy as lasagna centers throwing down one-handers on the move. If you put your mind to it, you can do it. Even if you’re Aaron Gray.

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It is the distant future, the year 2013. You can now dribble as often as you want, even if you stop and pump fake in between. It’s a new world and Amir Johnson is our Demolition Man. Brace yourself.

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Honestly, I can’t believe he didn’t get a cartoon version of his face carved back there. Seems like a VERY Amir Johnson thing to do. But I guess when you know somebody with blood red hair dye, you might as well get your team’s logo. That’s just practical.

When you are a fringe player in the NBA, you do anything you can once you get your chance to make it in the league. If that means making a game-winning three in your first game after a callup, so be it. If it’s just sitting on the bench and being a human body, that’s cool too. Being in the NBA is worth it, so you kind of just have to drop anything when you get that call.

That’s exactly what Quincy Acy did yesterday when he got called up from the D-League to join the Toronto Raptors. The National Post’s Eric Koreen has the hookup, holler if you hear him.

NP: Can you take me through your day?

QA: It was 6:30 in the morning. The hotel phone rings. It was Jama [Mahlalela, Raptors director of player development] saying they wanted to call me back up. I was like, ‘OK.’ He asked how far it was from Bakersfield to L.A. I said about two hours. He said, ‘There’s a 10 a.m. flight. We’re going to look for a car service.’ They couldn’t find one. So my girlfriend was out there with me. She had a rental car. So I had to wake my son up. She had to get up. I had to pack real quick. We had to get on the road. I’m speeding through the mountains. There were twists and turns. I was speeding the whole way. I got pulled over. [The police officer] didn’t let me off.”

NP: How much was the ticket for?

QA: I don’t know. I didn’t even look. I just put it in my pocket and left.

NP: How fast did she say you were going?

QA: I was going 90 [miles per hour] in a 65 [zone]. I was gunning it. After that, we hit L.A. traffic. I was like, ‘Oh my God. I’m not going to make it.’ I was talking to Jama, and I thought we weren’t going to make it because we had to drop off the rental. He said, ‘Just tell Morghan [Acy’s girlfriend] to drop you off at the [terminal] and leave your bag and just take whatever you have with you. So, she dropped me off. I left her a little cash and she dropped my bags off. We got through [check-in]. I was sprinting through the airport. ‘Am I going to get there in time?’ I made it here [to Toronto.] When I get out of the airport, there’s traffic. We pull up to the gym with 20 minutes until tip.

The best/worst part? Quincy Acy didn’t even play last night. So basically, Quincy Acy woke his son and girlfriend up out of nowhere, sped through mountains in a rental car that probably didn’t have insurance because no one buys that, got a speeding ticket that he’ll have to pay and appear in court for, sat in terrible Toronto traffic that was frustratingly bad around the Air Canada Centre and then was the only active Raptor who didn’t get on the court. Quite the ordeal just to chill on the bench with his magnificent beard.

But I guess that’s what you do when you are trying to be in the NBA. I mean, what’s a cross-country flight and speeding ticket when you get to be an NBA player and pull down an NBA paycheck? That’s like a lifetime’s worth of tickets, so yeah, it’s worth it.

Well, at least someone on the Raptors was playing defense. Too bad he lost that custom mouthpiece though. Those things are expensive, especially when you consider the extra money that goes to the league office for chucking it on the court in anger. Quite the chunk of change to keep your teeth healthy.

The sad part is, with this basket Omer Asik tied or outscored one-third of the Raptors who played last night.

Another eight of these and the Raptors have a chance to blow another overtime game.

Well, at least someone can score in the paint for the Raptors.

I’ve got more Raptors jokes, if you want. Just let me know.

Ah yes, the ancient “Rah Rah Ree, Kick ‘Em in the Knee, Rah Rah Rass, Kick ‘Em in the Throat” maneuver. Once only used on the defensive end by old warriors like Bruce Bowen, when done correctly, this can also be a devastatingly effective offensive strategy. Lucky for Tim Duncan, he has that metal endoskeleton, otherwise we could have had another Bill Cartwright scenario on our ears.