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When you really think about it, the amount of power that Jay-Z has in the Nets organization when he owns just 1/15th of one percent is kind of ludicrous. Do you know how many random people around the league own that much of a team that we’ve never heard about? Probably a lot, but you don’t see them designing uniforms and picking color schemes and ridding their arenas of stainless steel forks.

And while Jay-Z is obviously very important to the Nets and they are doing an amazing job of maximizing his association with the team, there’s really only one reason they even care he’s around, and it’s this. From the New York Daily News:

“That’s the first thing you think about when you think about the Nets,” Taylor says. “When I first got drafted and Portland traded me to Brooklyn, that’s the first thing I thought about – to be with Jay Z.

“I thought that was so dope.”

This, TBJers, is exactly why the Nets make a big deal about a guy who owns 0.067 percent more of the Nets than you do. Because every player who is in the league now knows who Jay-Z is, and furthermore, every player that’s coming in the league for the next few years is going to think he’s the coolest guy on Earth.

Sure, that’ll change eventually, as rap is the youngest of young man’s games. But for now, the Nets have a teensy built-in advantage in that they can pretty much always get an audience with a player, just because that player is probably going to think Jay-Z is awesome. And for a team like the Nets that has been a laughingstock forever, that’s big. I mean, even though they didn’t sign him, LeBron James met with the Nets the season after they won 12 games. 12 games in an entire season, the summer after he had won back-to-back MVPs. Not only that, people actually considered it a possibility, just because Jay-Z and LeBron are friends. That’s hilarious, right? Like LeBron would ever, ever, ever have signed with the Nets. But because Jay’s around, people thought it could happen.

All because when guys think of the Nets, the first thing they think, as Tyshawn Taylor did, was that playing for a team that Jay-Z barely owns is “so dope.” They don’t care that he owns such a small part, just that he owns any part. Being cool sure goes a long way.