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The fact that Kent Bazemore and his super celebrations are in NBA 2K14 is great, hilarious news. Not quite as great, however, is that league sources say the Warriors are going to be wearing those full-body motion capture jumpsuits as an alternative fourth jersey. After last season’s sleeve-speriment, anything is possible. Unfortunately.

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More than anything, I’m just glad that “Shaq Fu” is a term that’s being used again. Of all of Shaq’s various personas, that was probably my favorite, simply because of that celebration he used to do when he put his hands up to his head. Not to mention, this has to be better than his jewelry and vodka.

Then again, maybe not. After all, there aren’t many websites dedicated to the eradication of a single game, but Shaq Fu has accomplished that in the past. The opposite of the sky’s the limit.

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Trick question, I know, since Alexis Ajinca isn’t even technically in the NBA, having played overseas since the lockout. However, according to the first official 2K Sports roster update of NBA 2K13, he’s both a free agent and tied for the worst player possible in the league. Maybe don’t pick him up in your fake electronic video game season then, nerd.

Thanks to a video breakdown of the update by Operation Sports, we got a chance to look at the very worst the NBA has to offer, which is almost a complete reboot of last season’s most atrocious players. After variously tabbing Jason Collins, Brian Scalabrine and Byron Mullens as the league’s worst for last season, this year we get a whole bunch of guys who are way worse than those dudes — your Jarron Collinses, your DJ Mbengas, your Alexis Ajincas. You know, guys who are going to struggle to even make teams, let alone get occasional to heavy minutes like the worst from last year.

Of course, when you consider that Ajinca was a Bobcats draft pick during Michael Jordan’s tenure as Managing Member of Basketball Operations, it kind of makes sense that he’d be one of the worst players in the game, if not the very worst. But at least he’s in the game, unlike another Jordan draft pick — the Trail Blazers’ Adam “Ready to Retire” Morrison — who didn’t even get virtualized this season. Being a 43 overall is better than nothing. Barely.

As far as Oklahoma City “Thudner” jerseys go, this is BY FAR the best we’ve seen. Simple, classic but still a little bit new. With these cool navy blue jerseys, the Thudner should have a long and storied history in OKC.

As far as Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys go, these are OK. Better than the Spurs’ alternate uniforms, but forgoing a plain grey jersey instantly put the Thunder ahead, so that’s not much of an accomplishment. So they’re not the worst alternate jersey in the league — that’s probably still those garbage Suns orange ones — but are they anywhere near the best? Nope. In fact, UniWatch’s Paul Lukas sums up my feelings pretty well.

I like old-school templates, but this one makes no sense for this team. No gold, no orange, nothing to connect it to the rest of the team’s identity system. Very odd choice, and a bad one.

Hear, hear. Besides the fact that the NBA 2K13 version literally says “Thudner,” do these say Thunder at all to you? Did you even realize navy blue was one of the Thunder’s colors? (It is, as a very minor color in their logo.) Outside of the font, which still isn’t great, these are pretty generic even though there’s nothing like them in the NBA, if that makes sense. Basically, any NBA team that wanted a navy blue jersey could have these and it wouldn’t look any different.

Maybe they’ll look great on court and I’m sure Nike will cook up some amazing navy shoes for Kevin Durant — plus, I’m pretty sure the actual NBA will spell the team’s name correctly — but these are just fine. A screencap of the shorts after the jump. Let’s hear what you think in the comments.

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, there’s a strong likelihood that you’ve played multiple editions of the NBA 2K video game series by 2K Sports. In fact, many of you probably purchased NBA 2K13 yesterday on its release date and spent a good part of your day neglecting most of your daily responsibilities and personal relationships. And why wouldn’t you? It’s pretty great.

However, not every NBA 2K13 consumer will play the game the same way, and that got me thinking. How will different people dive into the NBA 2K13 universe and what will that say about their personalities? Probably nothing, honestly, but work with me here.

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The new trailer for NBA 2K13 looks awesome. I’m 100 percent positive I’ll only be able to pull off the majority of those moves on accident, but it still looks pretty wicked and I’m going to play it so much. Cannot wait.

But watching the trailer, I couldn’t help but noticing just how many highlights there were against the Toronto Raptors. So I did what any bro with a rudimentary knowledge of video editing would do — I made a compilation of all the anti-Raptors moments in the new spot. Andrea Bargnani gets some particularly rough treatment.

You know things are bad when even the Wizards are getting video game highlights over you. Executive producer Jay-Z must really hate Toronto.

Today is Wonderful Crossovers Day, apparently. First, it was Justin Timberlake and basketball. Now it’s basketball video games and custom shoes. Best day ever? Maybe.

From IGN:

Visual Concepts spent perhaps the most amount of time during my demo showing me their craziest feature yet: the Shoe Creator. Yes, they’ve had a basic version of this before, but the ends of the earth they’ve gone to on this smack of a studio that clearly has no competition to worry about and is free to pursue flights of fancy like this (again, I mean that in a nice way!). 2K13′s Shoe Creator is, essentially, the virtual shoe equivalent of Forza Motorsport 4′s livery system. Except in that game, you can’t click a button when you’re done and order the car you just designed, complete with that custom paint job.

Yes, you can build your own kicks using different materials, colors, patterns, and more. Dozens of layers (45 of them, to be exact) let you highlight every detail you like. You can then upload those to the web, where other users can rate them. Want to go a step farther? Get this: the game syncs with the NikeID website and you can actually have your virtual shoe made real and shipped to your door.

Creating your own shoes in a basketball game is pretty fun in its own right, but being able to actually order those shoes that you just created is incredible. It’s like the exact opposite of what I did with 2K13, when I recreated a pair of custom “Fast and Furious” Nikes for my video game character. This is way, way better.

It is dangerous though. It’s going to take 15 minutes to create a shoe, then you’re going to have a great game in My Player and then you’ll be like, “Well, I should honor this game somehow…” Next thing you know, you’ve got a closet full of shoes you made while playing video games. It’s a slippery slope of special shoes. Trust me.

But still, this is awesome, even if you do end up with way more shoes than you could possibly need. Considering you’re the one who designed them, it’s just like a parent hanging their kids’ drawings on the fridge. At least that’s how I’m going to justify going way overboard with this.