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With the London 2012 Summer Games on the way, TBJ correspondent Leigh Ellis finds out which Olympic events NBA players think they could medal in, as well as a how much of a head start they would need to beat the fastest man on earth, Usain Bolt. (Um, yeah, good luck with that, guys.)

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This is really something to behold. I could have taken some time to attempt to craft a melodramatic narrative about Stephon Marbury’s journey from burgeoning NBA star to overpaid problem child to team cancer to unwanted whack-job to foreign hero. But that story has already been published by other writers and this video shouldn’t be cheapened by literary ego-stroking.

Some people might say that the only way that this video could have more emotional impact would be if Allen Iverson was in Marbury’s shoes. I disagree. Iverson is still placed on such a pedestal that most people would probably be legitimately bummed out by seeing him react to a Chinese Basketball Association championship like this.

For Marbury, this is a triumph because he’s finally found a place where he’s embraced, where his idiosyncrasies are recognized as part and parcel with his basketball talent. Finally, he’s the conquering hero he’s always believed he was meant to be, and the relief at finally achieving that goal is overwhelming.

I never liked Stephon Marbury before I watched this video. Inexplicably, I was teary-eyed by the end of it. Redemption tales are funny like that, aren’t they?

I love how LeBron James and Blake Griffin are secretly having their very own Dunk Contest.

First, LeBron pulls off “The Assassination of John Lucas III” oop.

Solid “10.”

Blake, unfazed, sees that and raises him with a good ol’ “Mozgov” on Kendrick Perkins’ mug.

Another “10″ from the judges.

LeBron’s answer? Oh, you know, just your routine “Windmill Tip-Dunk” off a Wade miss versus the Bucks. (And, yes, we’re aware it didn’t count. THIS IS A HYPOTHETICAL DUNK CONTEST! Relax.)

In this contest? Probably good for only a “9,” believe it or not.

But you’re up, Blake. Should we send Kenny Smith to go get the choir?

And the Mavs’ video staff is the best in the business, and they know it. Ahh. Girl look at that Photoshop …

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Tough 15 seconds for Golden State Warriors center Andris Biedrins right here. He gets called for the questionable block while trying to take away the baseline; watches Clippers forward Caron Butler hit a stupid over-the-backboard trick shot; and then, to add insult to injury, takes a ball to the face while he’s lying on his back. Seriously. Keep an eye on the bottom of that respectably-priced Vizio, people — poor guy takes it right in the ol’ kisser.

(via TBJ’er R.J.)

I vacillate between which NBA play-by-play man I appreciate more: Marv Albert or Kevin Harlan. After Kevin busted out this sick impression of Burgess Meredith as Batman villain “The Penguin” last night, I’d say he gets the nod for now.

Fist-bump to @jose3030 for capturing this magic moment. Follow him on Twitter so you see videos like this before we post them.

If you thought that was kind and/or impressive, wait ’til you see Amar’e Stoudemire help Deron Williams get up to the top bunk. What a sweetheart.