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Wha' Happened?: Dallas did it

Dallas Mavericks 100, Oklahoma City Thunder 96
It was nice of the Thunder to go out like the Thunder, turning a 4-point lead with two minutes remaining in to a 4-point loss punctuated by Kevin Durant missing two 28-footers with a hand in his face. That’s really the perfect ending. I’d say it’s just how Scott Brooks drew it up, but I’m not sure what the real-life equivalent to another pointless isolation is.

Miami Heat 101, Chicago Bulls 93 OT
If you were looking to have every one of the Bulls’ criticisms confirmed, this was the game to watch. They struggled to get easy shots, the lack of a second ball-handler left Derrick Rose exhausted down the stretch, and the team’s lack of outside shooting made it possible for the Heat to pack the lane and deter the Bulls’ attempts at the rim. Also, I think Mario Chalmers has somehow put a curse on Derrick Rose that prevents him from making free throws when they are in the same arena. That’s the real reason why the Heat exercised his option last summer.

Dallas Mavericks 112, Oklahoma City Thunder 105 OT
The only thing bad about this game is that I told my wife there were only five minutes left and that I’d be up to bed soon, only to have the Thunder completely implode and blow a 15-point lead. Sorry, wife. Also, sorry Thunder fans. Not a cool way to lose what will now probably be the last home game of the season. Amazing comeback by the Mavs, made even more impressive by the fact that Jason Terry didn’t score a single point in the fourth quarter.

Miami Heat 96, Chicago Bulls 85
It’s not that big of a deal, losing the first road playoff game of a playoff series. It just means you have to win the next one. Problem is, the Bulls seem pretty out of sorts these last two games. For the second straight game, Chicago missed two-thirds of their layups, which seems to stem from the fact that Carlos Boozer is three feet tall, Joakim Noah time-traveled to 2007 and Derrick Rose can’t get any good bounces. Not to mention, the Heat have a bunch of long, athletic defenders who can protect the rim. If the Bulls aren’t getting baskets near the rim, they’re not scoring easily. It is not good. Also, not chill Joakim. Not chill at all.

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Wha’ Happened?: Say ahhhhh

Oklahoma City Thunder 106, Dallas Mavericks 100
The big story of the night was Russell Westbrook sitting the entire fourth quarter while Eric Maynor finished the game. This isn’t a big deal for a lot of reasons. One, it doesn’t seem like any of the Thunder care — including Westbrook. Two, Westbrook played a pretty decent game through three, scoring 18 points on 7-15 shooting while adding three assists and four turnsies. It’s not like he played terrible and now Eric Maynor will usurp his position as Thunder point guard. Three, Russell Westbrook looked like he was genuinely smiling throughout the quarter. Smiling is good, except when it’s a Kobe fake smile. This was not that. No big deal. Oh, also, nice win for the Thunder.

Miami Heat 85, Chicago Bulls 75
Outside of the last five minutes from LeBron James and those five minutes where Udonis Haslem played like he was LeBron James, pretty ugly game. The Bulls just couldn’t do anything right. A team that made 63 percent of their shots at the rim this season, Chicago missed 17 of 28 layups. Normally a 74 percent free throw shooting team, the Bulls made just 62 percent last night. 3-of-20 from three, when they finished the season making 36 percent from long range. If they play up to their averages, it’s an easy win. Nonetheless, give the Heat credit for making things tough on the Bulls, but give the Bulls some flack for leaving lots of points on the table. And for that lady in the stands.

Dallas Mavericks 121, Oklahoma City Thunder 112
Sure, Dirk Nowitzki was the beneficiary of some iffy foul calls that seemed to emanate from a herd mentality from the referees. But that doesn’t change the fact that he went for 48 points on 15 shots, which is hilarious when you consider that 15 made threes doesn’t even equal 48 points. Incredible performance for Dirk who had me laughing the entire night because of his jab steb-jab step-pump fake-shoot some free throws possessions that would be immediately followed by jab step-jab step-no pump fake-hit a jumper possessions. It was almost mean the way he was working all the Thunder who tried to guard him.

Cleveland Cavaliers 1, Draft Lottery 0

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