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Started from the bottom now we’re waiting outside of the locker room just like everyone else.

Everybody in this video is right about everything. The Pistons did draft Darko, they did go to the Finals that next year and Darko definitely did suck. This must have been filmed at a psychic’s convention.

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To be fair, I kind of thought his super-extendo arms would get there a little faster too. But still, whoops.


Click here for a full-sized version of this newspaper clipping from a 1972 recap of a game between the Bucks and SuperSonics, then please explain to me why Kareem-Abdul Jabbar didn’t change his shorts at halftime. Even Kevin Seraphin isn’t that silly.

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No wonder Jay-Z sold his Nets shares.

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If we ever find out James Harden is one of those guys who don’t chuck up halfcourters because they’ll hurt his shooting percentage, let’s just show him this footage and say, “Come on, man.” Yeah, he just botched the old practice shot after an intentional foul, but still. Whoops.


Notice anything wrong about Shaquille O’Neal’s banner for his recently retired jersey? Like I don’t know, maybe a notched collar at the top that clearly shows us that this is the front of a Lakers jersey, rather than the back where “O’Neal 34″ is supposed to go? Yep, that’s exactly what is wrong.

For reference:


As you can see, that little horizontal notch proves that the Lakers definitely created a banner that put Shaq’s name and number on the front of a Lakers jersey. What’s more unclear is whether or not every other wrinkly retired jersey is the same thing — since the old Lakers uniforms had a scoop neck collar, all those Wests, Jabbars and Chamberlains very well could be frontsy-backsies. It’s impossible to know.

What we do know, however, is that Shaquille O’Neal will be honored forever and ever with a banner of a retired jersey that would have to be sold at TJ Maxx because someone accidentally printed the back on the front. Pretty weird.

UPDATE: Ball Don’t Lie’s Dan Devine heard from a Lakers rep:

Lakers spokesman tells BDL that the last-name-on-front Shaq jersey raised Tuesday “was an error + will be corrected …”

“… as soon as we can get a new jersey for the wall made up.” Replacement hopefully ready in one week, but could be a couple.

So yeah, whoops.