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Either that or he forgot a ham in his old locker. One of the two.

Better luck next time. (There won’t be a next time.)

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Quoth the Metta, per Dave McMenamin:

“My Twitter’s,” World Peace gladly announced to the throng of media, mixing up his Twitter handle and website in one breath. “Follow me on Twitter, follow Dwight. I need a million followers.”

Pretty nice of MWP to try to deflect a little of the heat from his teammate, just too bad he gave out the wrong Twitter handle while trying to plug his own Twitter handle. After all, it only takes a split-second to see that @MettaWorldPeaceDotCom and don’t exist and that @MettaWorldPeace (no dot com) is the real deal. Whoops.

Just one of those classic blunders when you can’t remember your actual Twitter handle based around your made-up name that not everyone calls you. We’ve all been there.

Play-by-play data just says that “Russell Westbrook misses 31-foot three point jumper,” but I think we all know what really happened here — Russell Westbrook tried to be cute and use Gary Neal trying to foul him to reset the play as a way to get some cheap free throws, couldn’t and therefore had to settle for chucking up something more like a 40-footer with 18 seconds remaining on the shot clock. Nate Robinson calls it “the perfect shot.” Russell Westbrook just says, “#whynot.”

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Yes! The funniest basketball video in the history of YouTube has finally made it’s way to the NBA. Grab your green hat and your noisemakers because this is cause for celebration.

For reference:

Always keep your head on a swivel. You never know when a basketball will be launched 70 feet straight in to your face. Safety first, then teamwork.

Do you guys love hyperbole? Do you think it’s the greatest language concept in the history of spoken word? Are you trying to figure out a way to marry hyperbole because you can’t imagine living without it?

If so, you’ll love this quote from Mo Williams about that missed layup you see up there, the one that would have given the Jazz the lead with just a few seconds remaining. From the Deseret News:

Williams used words like “amazing” and “dumbfounded” to describe what could’ve been the shot of the night in his comeback game in front of the fans that he played for from 2008-11.

“I’ve never, ever saw anything like that. I don’t think I’ve ever missed a layup, even practicing,” he said. “I’ve shot a trillion layups in my life, but I’ve never missed one like that, the way it came in and went out.”

1,000,000,000,000 is a lot of layups, so I am just going to assume that Mo Williams is exaggerating for effect. Because otherwise, that means he’s taken 108,577,633 layups every day, assuming he hasn’t taken a day off since he turned five. I’m not going to math this out for you, but that is physically impossible, especially if you’re claiming you didn’t miss any. I have a feeling Mo Williams is being facetious.

And if you look at his reaction as the ball slowly rolls off the rim, he certainly looks like a guy who just missed the first layup of his life when it could have won his team a game while they’re in the middle of a playoff race. So mad. So stompy.

But umm … not the first time. I mean, he’s shooting 75 percent at the rim this year, which is awesome. But it’s not 100. Liar Exaggerator.

Oh man, the classic “lineup on the wrong side of the court like you’re going one way when you’re really going the other” maneuver actually worked. I can’t believe it. My eighth grade team tried this once and it didn’t even work back then. I guess we should have just waited to use it in the final minute of a 2-point NBA game.