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J.R. Smith is like, “Been there bro.”

The best part about this epic fail is that Tyreke Evans had a huge lead in last night’s trolling competition, right up until the moment where he bricked a wide-open layup that he got after pulling a Caron Butler on Dwyane Wade. But when the guy you stole the ball from ends up posing Captain Morgan-style on the ball while the crowd laughs at you for ruining your own prank … well, that’s embarrassing. Really embarrassing. Tough break, Tyreke.

In ye olden dayes, this would be evidence that LeBron James is a fraud, can’t finish games and will never win a championship. Now it’s just funny because he never misses shots from anywhere, let alone right in front of the rim on a fast break. The second way is better, I think.

I guess not every dunk is highlight worthy.

Don’t worry, Mirza. The same thing happened to Kobe Bryant back in the day and he turned out fine. Just keep plugging away, hit the rim a few times and the next thing you know, you’ll have five NBA championships and be a sure-fire Hall of Famer. That’s not a guarantee but I’d say it’s the most likely thing that could happen.

Tas mentioned this in today’s show, but it really is amazing to see Mario Chalmers grab an actual rebound while sitting in the middle of the lane. I mean, he only had eight offensive rebounds on the season, so you can understand the Nets losing track of him when he’s just chillin’.

But still, he was SITTING IN THE LANE when he got this rebound. I blame Andray Blatche. Just feels right.

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To be fair, Bill Russell is probably the most Morgan Freeman a person can be without being Morgan Freeman. But still, he’s wearing a Celtics hat to Obama’s second inauguration. Morgan Freeman would never do that.

Whoops. Sounds like someone won’t be narrating George Stephanopoulos’ life story any time soon.

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