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If only JaVale McGee had been a little closer, then this might have worked. Or been even more funny. Either way, throw some JaVale in there next time, just for us.

Oh you know, just a classic case of getting called for an offensive goaltend for catching an alley-oop that was thrown so poorly that it almost went in. Totally normal stuff that I’m sure happens the exact opposite of all the time. Very weird.

I am not sure how this is legal, but it’s serendipitous that Courtney “Block Your Free Throw” Kirkland was on the pass-back duties. He certainly understands the need to make any free throw as weird as possible, so I’m glad he let this slide. Tony Parker’s game needed just a few more pump fakes and this is a nice way to work those in.

Oh, and the Thunder apparently call Nick Collison “Dirty,” so I think we should too.

Oh man, you guys. I’m not sure anyone is going to miss a shot worse than this for the rest of the season. And even though play-by-play data technically counts this as a turnover, I think we can all agree it’s really a pullup jumper that he lost on the way up.

Just watch this thing a million times in a row and try not to be amazed.

Here is one of the easiest ways to know you’ve taken a legendarily bad shot — it goes out of the frame of the GIF when you shoot it. Yikes.

(via BuzzFeed/SportsGrid)

I mentioned it during today’s show, but Emeka Okafor really did catch a fan who was falling over a railing because he was so excited the Wizards finally got a win. As you can see in the video up top, it’s not a life or death situation, but still. How many fans have other players caught? Zero, I am guessing.

Anyways, let’s hear the story from the mouths of those who lived it. From Sarah Kogod at the Washington Post:

“I was just so excited about the first win of the season that I leaned over too far,” said the fan, who declined to be named out of embarrassment. “I didn’t realize [Okafor] was too far away.”

The fan was able to grab onto the outside of the railing, but found himself upside down and losing his grip. Okafor, who was acquired in part due to his veteran smarts, reacted quickly.

“He was falling over and I saw the guy,” Okafor said of the incident. “He was smiling the whole time. Before I got there he had stopped himself. I just helped put him back into the stands.”

The flustered fan’s friends began to shout, “Emeka Okafor just saved your life!” An exaggeration, perhaps, but the Wizards big man may have saved him from a potential hospital visit.

“He was over [the railing] but he had a huge smile on his face. He had absolutely no awareness of the danger he was in,” Okafor said with a laugh. “That’s a first for me. I haven’t seen that before.”

If Emeka Okafor is not this guy’s favorite player immediately, he needs to reevaluate his life. I don’t necessarily know if he would have died from this fall, but he definitely could have been hurt, and there could be nothing more embarrassing than having to tell people you broke your arm celebrating the Washington Wizards going 1-12. Okafor just saved this guy a lifetime of zingers from his friends, which is a pretty steep price to pay for a high-five from an average center.

At the very least, this dude should be very happy that JaVale McGee was traded away. He has a hard enough time catching basketballs, let alone humans.

The sad part is, with this basket Omer Asik tied or outscored one-third of the Raptors who played last night.

Another eight of these and the Raptors have a chance to blow another overtime game.

Well, at least someone can score in the paint for the Raptors.

I’ve got more Raptors jokes, if you want. Just let me know.

It’s going to be tough to top Kris Humphries comparing the waiving of a no-trade clause to deciding whether or not to save a drowning baby, but Greg Anthony likening a point guard being well-liked by his teammates to women who can’t keep a boyfriend is a pretty strong entry in the Worst NBA Analogy of 2012 contest. If Ernie Johnson can’t sell your joke, it must be really bad.