Video: Shannon Brown botches yet another dunk contest

Shannon Brown turns in a terrible dunk contest entry, all the way in Latvia.

Programming note: Wedding action

TBJ is gone until next Tuesday.

True tales from a week at basketball camp with twin 6-year-old boys

Shea Serrano's kids went to basketball camp. This is what happened.

Iman Shumpert will be on Michelle Obama's hip-hop record

This is very confusing, but it's true.

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We're on a run of Luc Longley commercials. This is the latest.

The Cavaliers' mascot, Moondog, went to a wedding

Having an NBA mascot at your wedding is just like having a regular wedding, only better.

Old guys who have still got it: Michael Jordan and Jason Williams

Even at advanced ages, these guys can still ball so hard.

Mason Plumlee leaks that the Nets are going to retire Jason Kidd's number

Something we all knew, kind of confirmed.

The Pick-and-Pop: The most interesting players in the Southwest Division this coming season

Andrew Unterberger takes a look at the most interesting players in the Southwest Division.

Video: Chris Bosh as an 8-foot raptor in NBA 2K13

Sometimes you have to imagine Chris Bosh as a raptor and sometimes you don't.

What color will J.R. Smith's hair be next?

J.R. Smith has had three different hair colors this week. So what's next?