Jacob Bourne lives in the Bay Area and has written for Dime magazine. Here’s his report from Stephen Curry’s youth basketball camp…

I spent Tuesday morning checking out the final day of Stephen Curry’s youth basketball camp in Pebble Beach, California. The Human Torch, as he’s been dubbed, hosts several camps throughout the offseason, some with Papa Dell and others by his lonesome. Granted, I didn’t tour them all, but if the session ending Aug. 20 at Monterey County’s ultra-fancy Stevenson School wasn’t the best camp of the bunch, I’d be shocked.

Here are the top six reasons Curry is doing it right:

1. He shows up

This isn’t some Dwight Howard slap-your-name-on-a-shirt-and-never-show-up circus. Curry spends up to seven hours per day with the torches-in-training.

2. He brings Dell

Probably more fun for the dads in the bleachers than the kids on the court, but silver-coiffed Dell Curry hangs out on the side and puts up jumpers while Steph runs the show.

“When I was a young kid, I used to look forward to every August when (my dad’s) camp was going to come around,” Curry said Tuesday morning. “That was the best week ever. So to see him come back and support me at my camp is a big deal.”

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I guess this is what happens once you’ve spent time in Stephen Jackson’s posse. Real gangsta ish.

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Now that he’s retired, if Grant Hill and Tamia decide to release an entire record full of pop music duets, I’d be quite happy. Hopefully they’d tackle such gems as Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m Real” and Ja Rule and Ashanti’s “Always On Time,” while also maybe mixing in Ja Rule and Christina Milian’s “Between Me and You.” I’m not saying it should be all Ja Rule songs, but that would be a pretty smart financial decision. I’m sure TRL would eat that right up.

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Have you ever wanted to see a woman dressed like the NBA’s most No. 1 fan? I know it’s a weird question, but considering the following news, it’s certainly pertinent (certinent). For here is the news, courtesy of, your home for all the best professional basketball news:

Now, he’s turning that unparalleled passion into a business. That’s right, James Goldstein is launching a womenswear line. And it’s coming to a fashion week near you soon.

In Goldstein’s own words, the new label will be “a ‘chic rock and roll’ line, in the same spirit as my own style.” The womenswear line will be shown during during Milan Fashion Week in September. “We will schedule presentations at our showroom on the top floor at Via Montenapoleone.” Goldstein says he and his partners–friends Stefano D’Ambrosio and Jean Paul–plan to launch a menswear line in 2014.

“For years now, friends and fans have complimented me on my style and encouraged me to design my own line,” Goldstein explained, of how the company, launched in June 2013, came about. “I have been reluctant to start a new career at this point in my life. But when two of my best friends recently came to me with their plans for a new clothing brand, to be named after me, I could not turn down their offer to be the head designer.”

Finally, Jimmy Goldstein and Amar’e Stoudemire have something in common besides showing up at lots of NBA games and not playing. And also finally, we’re all going to have a chance to get the ladies and very skinny men in our lives the exact kind of fashions they see on the guy who always makes them say “Who is that Cryptkeeper-looking guy in the front row?” when they’re watching basketball games. I think we can all agree that this is a tremendous happening.

And while you might be wondering why this is NBA news, well: 1) it’s August, so anything goes; and 2) the only thing Jimmy Goldstein loves as much as basketball is fashion shows, so relax; plus 3) when you consider how many NBA players love fashion shows, it’s pretty obvious that there will NBA players sitting front row at Jimmy Goldstein’s fashion show at some point. So basically — guy who is equally obsessed with basketball and fashion designs a women’s fashion line during an NBA era when players are equally obsessed with basketball and fashion, eventually leading to NBA players sitting front row at a fashion show designed by the NBA’s No. 1 fan. It’s the circle of life. Ah zabenya.

Not to mention, once you’ve mentally combined Tyson Chandler’s legs with the fact that he loves non-traditional pants, it’s not too far of a stretch to see him throwing down some cashola for a pair of Jimmy Goldstein unisex drop-crotch trousers, should such a thing ever exist in the future. Should that come to fruition, please remember where you heard it first.

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If you are anything like me, then you have long hair and sweat a lot when you’re playing basketball and therefore wear a headband for logical reasons while also acknowledging that you started wearing one back in high school because a bunch of guys on the early 2000s Trail Blazers were wearing them — Cliff Robinson and Rasheed Wallace, chief among them — and you thought it was cool. Given those similarities between me and you, I’d imagine you’d be as much of a fan of Million Dollar Ballers’ “Headband Collection” of t-shirts that feature some of the league’s most notable current headbanders as I am.

As you probably guessed from the pictures, the shirts feature James Harden, Carmelo Anthony and Rajon Rondo — no, not Paul Pierce, as he’s no longer a Celtic and the shirt doesn’t have an archipelago-ish beard on the face — all of whom have worn headbands throughout their careers. (Well, Rondo is a sometimes guy who occasionally flips his around like it’s Ken Griffey Jr.’s hat, but that’s still better than yet another LeBron James shirt.) They each retail for $35, which is a small price to pay to show how much you love headbanded basketball players. It’s more expensive than buying an NBA headband, sure, but at this point, you probably already own several of those and you’re running out of places to put more terrycloth.

Nonetheless, as a bro who owns a few of these MDB shirts, I can vouch for the actual comfort of the shirt, which is top-notch. But this isn’t The Shirt Fabric Jones, so let’s stick to the players, who look pretty great on these things. I mean, what’s better than walking down the street while wearing something that is pretty much just a beard, a mohawk and a headband? Basically only growing out a giant beard and mohawk, then buying a headband and walking down the street, which would take way longer than simply ordering one of these shirts. Choose wisely.

You know, just one of those days you stumble across former NBA center Jim McIlvaine’s personal YouTube account after somehow finding a Facebook album full of pictures of him surfing in Lake Michigan. Weird day, but hopefully you can fix your alternator now.


In the summer of 2013, Kevin Garnett and Metta World Peace both made their way to New York basketball teams. What happened next is a story fit for the funny pages. Now thanks to illustrator Brad Beatson, we get a look at Kevin & Metta’s New York Adventures. Previously, a day at Madison Square Garden.

KG: The f*** is this little Casper doin’ on my screen?
Paul Pierce: Lemme see? Haha, yo that’s Snapchat. You never seen this before?
KG: Metta. F***ing Metta. Always on my damn phone. “KG, KG, I just gotta get some tickets!!” What the f*** are you talkin about with your damn Candyland saga Metta? God dammit.
PP: Hahaha, that game is crazy yo. Don’t even start. It’s wild addicting.
Coach Kidd: Alright y’all, let’s get a layup line going.
PP: Man, shut up
KG: Layups, Jason? Really. Layups?
PP: How we supposed to respect this dude? We been playin’ against his ass our whole career and he’s talking layups?
Kidd: Now, Paul–
PP: B****, what?! Nah, Nah

Paul Pierce lunges at Jason Kidd and throws him in a headlock.

PP: Ay KG take a picture real quick!


PP: Haha! Class is dismissed, that’ll be all for today folks.
Kidd: You guys, no!  You can’t leave. Guys. Come back!

Everyone leaves except for Brook Lopez.


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