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What do you know, it’s March again. For many that means spring time and the sweet release from winter. For most people it means the Madness is coming!

We’re only 13 days away from Selection Sunday and 15 days from the play-in games. So basically two weeks until everyone submits their bracket into their office pool and gives away free money to the people who actually watched college basketball this season. But this year could finally be the year for the guy in your office who picks teams based on the colors of their jerseys. This year this isn’t that far away from describing me. Got a good feeling about blue this year. Fingers crossed!

More than a dozen teams have a legit shot at winning it this year because there are no dominant teams. That means there could be more buzzer beaters, more upsets, and more moments that you wish Gus Johnson still worked for CBS than ever.

Joseph Casciaro will be your editor and we’ll have a host of other contributors along the way. We’ll have a bunch of stuff for you before the tournament and you can expect even more when the action finally gets going. Hope you come along with us and hope you enjoy the ride!

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  1. This year some friends have created a pool to raise funds to purchase uniforms for the kids at Armstrong Elementary School in Chicago. Armstrong is in the Englewood community which has seen more than its share of violence. The pool has some good prizes (tickets to the Blackhawks, a Keurig Coffee Maker, ‘Stock Your Cellar’) and all (100%) of the proceeds go to the uniform drive. If you want to participate you can visit: http://bit.ly/13ITm07. By the way both Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose grew up in Englewood. Thanks.

  2. My mistake: Armstrong is located in the Austing neighborhood but suffers the same intensity of violence as Englewood.

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