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Indiana v Ohio StateFor the next three weeks, let’s forget about all that is wrong with sports, and more specifically college sports. Put on hold the complaints about the exploitation of student athletes, the arbitrary rulings of the NCAA hierarchy and the culture that promotes athletic achievement over scholastic success. Ignore the tendencies we have to celebrate young men as heroes only to spit them out later as villainous scapegoats. Instead, embrace the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament for what it is: the most exciting and dramatic multi-game sporting event in the United States.

March Madness is everything that spectators want sports to be. Upsets, buzzer beaters, foul trouble, swagger and posture. The heart-beating blindness of anticipation. The vicarious elation of triumph. The devastating free fall of defeat. And these are just the qualities that we’ve come to expect. Despite being an annual event with a finite number of potential outcomes, every year the tournament brings with it a fantastic share of surprises.

It’s immense. And it all begins on Tuesday (or Thursday, depending on how you look at it). Here, for your edification, is everything you need to know about the 2012 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

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None of Sunday's conference tournament winners gained as much as Ole Miss

None of Sunday’s conference tournament winners gained as much as Ole Miss

The ACC, Atlantic-10, Big Ten and SEC took centre stage this afternoon to close out the pre-tournament portion of the NCAA schedule.

Here’s a quick rundown of how those four conference champhionship games finished and what it means for the teams involved.

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Miami v North Carolina

While 13 Conference Championship games took centre stage on Saturday, four conferences held their semifinals today in advance of Sunday title games.

With the semis out of the way in the ACC, Atlantic-10, SEC and Big Ten, here’s a quick look at the final four games to be played before the bracket is unveiled later on Selection Sunday…

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