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UPDATE: Mike Rice has been fired as head coach of Rutgers.


Clearly, Rice was fired not because of his actions but because he got caught. Had this video not surfaced and ESPN not gone digging, I have no doubt Rice would still have his job. Time to look at some others at Rutgers and see if they should be keeping their jobs as well. Not much more to say than this.


ESPN’s Outside The Lines has obtained dozens of hours of videotape of Rutgers coach Mike Rice berating, abusing, and generally just being a jackass to his players in practice. The video shows Rice throwing basketballs at his players, screaming at them, pushing them, and being just a beacon of adulthood, maturity, and a nurturing, useful coach.

The video was apparently reviewed by Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti in December. Rice was then suspended for three games and fined $50,000 which seem like totally reasonable punishments for being a total psychopath towards teenagers. Because it’s the NCAA and who cares about the students, no further punishment was levied against Rice. Thankfully, this is also the Internet and once video is released for the masses, a reputation is never quite the same.

Pernetti has said that Rice will be coming back next season but now that this disgusting video is out in the public, I wouldn’t be surprised if that tune changed rather quickly.

Seriously, get this guy away from coaching kids as fast as humanly possible. He’s a lunatic.