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UPDATE: It’s over! South Region No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast has pulled off the biggest upset of the tournament, defeating No. 2 Georgetown 78-68 in Philadelphia. The Eagles, who were making their NCAA Tournament debut after winning the Atlantic Sun Conference title, are the third No. 15 seed to beat a No. 2 in the last two years and just the seventh ever to do it.

Scroll down to see the two thunderous dunks that will live on in infamy after this shocker.

Brackets busted. Embrace the madness!

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Cincinnati forward Shaquille Thomas has averaged just 10 minutes per game in his freshman season, but no one doubts the 20-year-old’s ability going forward in his collegiate career.

Creighton’s Grant Gibbs got a taste of that potential on this play…

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Ole Miss v Wisconsin

Ole Miss junior guard Marshall Henderson averaged over 20 points per game for the SEC tournament champion Rebels this season, with his three-point stroke and penchant for taunting and trash-talking especially capturing the casual fan’s attention heading into the tournament.

But Henderson is what we call a “chucker” in the truest sense of the word. He’s unconscious and has a short memory when it comes to his shooting. In short, he’s never seen a shot – whether open or contested – that he didn’t like.

Today against Wisconsin, Henderson started the game 1-for-13 from the field and 0-for-6 from behind the arc, causing me to initially name this post “Marshall Henderson is having a bad day.” But if you think starts like that are going to stop him from firing away, say like taking a very deep, contested three with 32 seconds on the shot clock, well then you don’t know Marshall Henderson.

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It'll be like this but on the 8-foot rim in my driveway.

It’ll be like this but on the 8-foot rim in my parents’ driveway.

Dear Barack Obama,

Dear Mr. President,

Dear Barry,

We’re not all that different, you and I. I think there’s a lot that you and I could talk about. Therefore, I am cordially inviting you to come to Toronto and watch March Madness with me. Bring Michelle.

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We got a sneak peek of Barack Obama’s Final Four selections last night (Florida, Louisville, Ohio State and Indiana), but today we learned who he would crown champion for this year’s NCAA Tournament.

The President picked the Indiana Hoosiers to win it all in 2013.

You can see his full bracket here.

Obama’s Bracket – Part 1

For the fifth straight year, Barack Obama has filled out his Presidential March Madness bracket for the world to see, via ESPN’s aptly named “Barack-etology.”. A sneak peak of the full bracket and the President’s picks for the Final Four were unveiled on Tuesday night, with Louisville, Indiana, Ohio State and Florida emerging.

The rest of Obama’s bracket and his championship pick will be unveiled on Wednesday morning.

Gotham Classic - Temple v Syracuse

It’s finally tournament time again! Around the world people have begun filling out brackets and making selections based on a number of random sets of criteria such as uniform color or which mascot would win in a fight. Regardless of the success of your bracket or your interest in college basketball there is one thing everyone can all enjoy together while taking in the games: the incredible collection of names that emerge when you scan the rosters of 68 teams full of 18-to-22 year olds.

What began as an idea for an “All-Name Team” ballooned into a “64-Name Bracket” which in turn ballooned into the list you see now, the Top 100 Names of the NCAA Tournament.

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